Decisions made in life

Many decisions must be made throughout life. These choices usually have an impact on one's life, either positively or negatively. I made various decisions in my life. The majority of these decisions were influenced by my health. Among the decisions I made were the following:

Focusing on my weight by coming to the gym on a regular basis was a fantastic move because I was initially weighing more than 100 kilos with a BMI of 100. I was able to successfully lower my weight to 75 kg. The gym assisted me in losing a lot of weight. Skipping classes as a result of peer influence- this is one of the decisions that I made thought it really had a negative effect on my life. I had to skip classes and this resulted due to peer influence. I had friends who did not like attending classes and I had to follow their steps. At first, it was quite enjoyable until my parents realized that I was no longer attending school. This was one of the greatest changes that I regret making in my life.

Internal and external factors that influenced my decisions

Some of the internal factors that influenced my decisions included:

Lack of self-esteem

A spirit of winning all the games that I participated in

Need to remain slim

The external factors include: Peer influence from my friends

In making my right decision, I used an internal decision-making process. This way, I was able to find a good reason for choosing to lose weight. I was not influenced by any individual’s decision. At the end of this process, I lost weight as required.

Elements neglected in making the wrong decision

While making the wrong decision, I neglected the idea of self-critical thinking. I did not have an excellent time with myself before coming up with the decision. This made me make a wrong decision. In an evaluation of my decision-making abilities, I would first ensure that I do a self-critical thinking before coming up with a decision. I would avoid peer influence and will make decisions by myself.

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