Decision Making Through Shared Governance

Members of a committee meeting in a healthcare company play an important part in the governance process. According to Arnwine (2002), it is critical to evaluate the structure and functions of the committee members in order to ensure that each individual knows what to expect from the organizational members. The offered assignment examines the committee's and its members' roles in collaborative decision making through shared governance.

The committee has many functions and responsibilities. For example, they are directly involved in the process of overseeing the management, quality, and finances of the healthcare company. Additionally, they are impacted with the obligation of setting the healthcare organization's strategic direction, establishing ethical values and standards, ensuring compliance to the established ethical standards by the company. It is also evident that the committee has the responsibility of selecting the healthcare's CEO and constantly monitoring his/her progress while in office. It is therefore accurate to derive that the most vital task of the committee within the healthcare organization involves establishing the firm's strategic direction and selecting the company's CEO.

Despite the fact that the healthcare management team has the role of developing the strategic plan, it is the committee's responsibility to make modifications on the plan and set a strategic direction (Brull, 2015).

Through the consideration of environmental factors such as the dynamic nature of the care patterns and competition, the committee sets the mission and vision of the organization while outlining its strategic goals. Financial oversight is an important responsibility carried out by the committee. The members of the established body utilize financial control to ensure a prudent investing of funds after considering policies governing budgets within the institution.

Other Attendees' Roles

The major persons in attendance include the quality officials, financial representatives, compensation representatives and governance representatives. The finance representatives play a role of developing a capital budget which challenges the staff and the managers to achieve its financial goals. The compensation representatives are involved with reviewing and making recommendations to the healthcare's board of directors on benefits and performance recommendations. The governance representatives are responsible for ensuring hospital's procedures and policies meet the established requirements by the state and the federal laws as outlined within the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. The quality representatives are committed towards ensuring patient safety and enhanced customer service ("Board Committees," 2017).


During the committee meeting, all the attendee interacted with each other to ensure compliance of the established policies, rules and regulations. For instance, the financial representative attendees provided the committee with financial information which the board can utilize in making strategic decisions to ensure the survival of the company. The compensation attendees fully relied on the information provided by the financial representatives to ensure accuracy in the provision of a compensation structure for the members of the firm. The presented union suggests a form of shared governance in that each committee member and other attendees fully relied on the decision of each other to arrive at the decision on how to govern the health care institution. Therefore, through shared governance, the committee members were able to establish the requisite ways of taking part in collaborative decision making.


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