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Positive dealing with deficient performance is a challenge for every manager. It requires making employees take company problems personally and offer alternative means of tackling the issues instead of simply becoming defiant and performing poorly. By doing that, employees tend to develop alternative behaviors. Such understanding improves communication and performance through enhancing morale for better staff contribution to the teamwork.
Poor performance is draining, so it is important to have people involved in all steps of project activities. People feel appreciated when allowed to perform within their values as they strive to meet professional goals other way than being pushed to comply with company rules. Advancing company rules means making people understand organizational expectation and the importance of their efforts to the success of the company; it is important for each manager to seek both negative and positive feedback and to learn from them. When a manager models good performance, it makes work easy, resulting in his or her desire to succeed. As much as people want to benefit their organizations, they also enjoy benefits in return.

When people feel appreciated, they share their opinions instead of pretending to follow company rules but going against them in the end (Rockwell). By engaging people, it becomes easy to question their performance because it was upon them to follow commitments, failure to perform which deserves some explanation. This way, people become responsible for their actions because they do not want to disappoint. Therefore, close follow up is important to ensure positive performance. For managers, it is important to be open regarding acceptable behaviors and performance standards. When employees become a part of setting such standards, they also become a part of performance assurance.

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