Curriculum theory

In the early 1800s, curriculum theory was developed. It is an academic discipline that draws on expertise from a variety of fields. Many academics believe that this principle is the most effective in placing the learner at the core of education as the most important stakeholder. Curriculum theory is one of the strongest academic disciplines, as shown by the course purpose. It advocates for student participation in curriculum creation so that their efforts can be seen as they participate in determining what course material will be useful to them and what will not.
The study’s aim was to provide guidance that could be used to direct the act of involving students in evaluation processes. The theory has been observed to have the most positive learning outcomes, which are applicable both at the society level and in politics. The learning resources adopted in the studying process must be made available to the students so that they can denote the contents and participate in the lesson planning procedures. Curriculum theory has adopted the best pedagogic approaches given that it borrows its information from various academic disciplines.
It follows all the ethical considerations in the learning process, the most important including consumer-centered services. The student is the center of focus when it comes to the definition of learning. The curriculum is thus applicable to any education system regardless of ethnic background of its students.
W. F. Pinar points out that curriculum theory of today is sectioned into different fiefdoms which are not inter-linked as before and thus are increasing the chances for its criticism. The governmental approach to education manipulates curriculum theory to make studies more historical and theory oriented. Pinar recommends the government to use the devices that can be utilized for assessing the effectiveness of each curriculum suitable for educational systems.

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