Cultural Dimensions between the Us and Netherlands

Utilizing ethnically diverse groups can help organizations become more competitive by providing experience and stimulating innovative thought. In the current multicultural, international corporate community, cultural differences prevent projects from being successfully completed. Project managers must be aware of cultural differences, avoid cultural misunderstandings, and foster creativity and motivation through adaptive leadership if they are to successfully complete projects. The essay discusses the relationships, successes, and difficulties people have when working in multicultural situations on a global scale. It comes to the conclusion that effective management may be achieved through leadership, cross-cultural communication, and cultural awareness.

Culture and Individualism

Human conduct that sets different human groups apart is known as culture (Essays, 2013). Individualism. The dimension of belief is the quality of learning which can be measured and compared to other cultures (Qandeelk, 2016). The aspects of culture in Netherlands like Individualism dimension addresses the level of interdependence among members of society. It explains people's perception of self-image as "I" or "We." In individualism setting, people are responsible for themselves and their immediate family. However, it has challenges, especially in working environments. In the working environment, it requires team collaboration to achieve the organization goals. Individuals working on their own without helping or joining hands with peers will fail the individuals doing an excellent job in their profession (Hofstede, 2017).

Masculinity and Femininity

Masculinity is another aspect. A high score on Masculine dimension implies that competition and success drive society. Success is usually the winner or best in each field. A low score means that dominant values care for other. The feminine community is where the quality of life is a symbol of success for everyone. It is not admirable to stand out from a crowd. The motivation is what creates the difference. Interest to be the best creates masculinity whereas liking what you do implies femininity. Nations with high masculinity, the roles for both sexes are defined. Competitiveness is highly valued resulting to allocating women to more traditional duties like taking care of household chores (Sowinska, 2011).

The Netherlands as a Feminine Setting

Conclusively, the Netherlands has very low scores of 14 which imply it is a feminine setting. It is essential to maintain the balance of life with work and ensure all is incorporated. Qandeek (2016), agrees that effective leaders are supportive of their people and involve everyone in decision making. Leaders strive for agreements, and people value solidarity, quality, and equality in their work. Negotiations and compromise settle conflicts thus the Dutch are famous for their lengthy discussions till the solution is met. However, masculinity poses a challenge in a social setting. It causes gender disparities which result in bias. But feminism advocates equality and hard work among employees.


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