Critical infrastructure:Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism

Crucial infrastructure refers to a country's assets that are critical to maintaining a well-functioning society. This infrastructure is a priority since it serves as a linking mechanism in society, facilitating communication and connecting individuals to facilities. Their nature is so crucial that a disruption or simply harm can cause a societal conflict and pose significant security dangers to the people of any country or region. They include communication networks used to link individuals with friends and family, water sources, electricity generation infrastructure, and public facilities such as shops and malls (Howard, 2013). Mitigation of the impact of the attack on critical infrastructure is a costly affair which needs prioritization in allocation of resources by any government that wants to be successful. The changing trends of weapons of mass destruction have also been a major drawback to this security. Use of biological weapons, for example, has been a problem tracking due to the science backing that the technology involves. It is hard to track the efficacy of every biological invention rendering the fight even tougher. Several issues are of particular importance when dealing with such infrastructure in relation to terrorism. These issues include the security of the infrastructure, risk mitigation measures and also the response mechanisms preparedness when prone to terrorist activities (Aradau, 2010).

Risk mitigation entails ensuring that any danger that is imminent is hindered before it happens. Risk prevention is of paramount importance compared to assessing the reaction criteria. Security of the infrastructure is of central concern here to ensure that the risks are reduced. Reduction of their vulnerability means getting the right infrastructure and technology to track and keep watch while regularly testing their functionality.

Public utilities need to be reliable to guarantee smooth running of human life. Without such efficiency, the public results to panic which births all manner of news. Propaganda is passed at this time and due to the vulnerability of the masses, the impact is also widespread. Fear works well with terrorists and they use any method possible to achieve this goal.

The response mechanisms, when this infrastructure becomes vulnerable, are critical aspects due to the need to ensure that the public gets back to their normal life in the shortest time possible. Interference causing inconveniences leads to losses in businesses and poses a security threat to the lives of people. Biological weapons, for example, are a big threat when used in public utility places like water catchment areas because the consumption of the water by the public will result in health effects or even fatalities. Mechanisms to ensure an up and running response mechanism is put in place are important for this subject.

Terrorists will target critical infrastructure primarily because affecting such infrastructure means affecting a large casualty base. The public normally engages in their activities freely and will rarely be prepared for security threats. Due to such disposition, they form an easy target and affecting such infrastructure then a terrorist will have created panic and fears. If the terrorists want to get back at a government, then such amenities are a target to get the public uproar against government actors. Terrorists want to get the biggest casualty base and weapons of mass destruction affect a large group of people (Rinaldi, Peerenboom, & Kelly, 2001).

Affecting the economy of a country is a major driver on the part of terrorists. Securing the economy is a major preserve of the government and it shows control. Terrorists always have an agenda to dispute the control mantra in any region and in trying to claim their position, end up putting the economy under recess. The scares and propaganda passed at the time where critical infrastructure is under attack, affects the performance of businesses. Very few persons will be willing to engage in business operations and close up shops affecting the productivity of a country.

This shows control and the government response is paramount to regain public confidence that they can run their affairs without fear. It is always a hard balance for the government and the success of a recovery or a reaction plan to such threats shows the efficiency of the government to handle crime and ensure security. Many nations globally have had to halt many activities and focus on just one terror threat, lowering the public confidence in the government’s capability to handle criminals while also affecting a country’s economy.

Averting attention to the real course is also a major reason for such targets. Security actors will first engage to resolve the issue at hand while the main terrorist act is being committed elsewhere. Several groups scheme attacks which end up being a scapegoat and attention distracters. Security agencies need to be aware of this probability to ensure successful combat (Collier & Lakoff, 2008).

In conclusion, critical infrastructure has been at the risk of terrorism due to the various reasons discussed above. Wide utility by the public and increased exposure rate are some of these factors. It is paramount for any government to guarantee their safety for the smooth running of affairs.


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