Counteracting Children Obesity in Saudi Arabia

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Obesity is a medical health issue when an individual is fat or has excessive weight. This state influences all body segments, and it can happen because of various factors such as lifestyle, an advanced quantity of fat consumption, and the environment. The technology influenced the majority of children’s’ lives severely, and consequently, the physical activities were drastically diminished (James 123). In Saudi Arabia, obesity influenced all people, from children to adults. The global society can support the children in evolving and sustaining a healthy and fit lifestyle by encouraging them to eat healthily and do physical activities such as exercise regularly, as the principal treatment (Al-Nuaim, Bamgboye, and Al-Herbish 1004). The global community can ensure that the children do not consume food rich in fat so that when they grow up into youths, they may not be obese. These youths can also be motivated to be constantly measuring their weight so as to keep in check. The Saudi Arabian government has been able to ensure that creation of awareness to the public has been made so that people may know what to do. Besides that, the government has advised their citizens in consuming a balanced diet (Al Shehri, Al Fattani, and Al Alwan 03).
III. UN Involvement
World Health Organization (WHO) has been involved in the prevention of child obesity in Saudi Arabia. It has been able to raise awareness concerning the issue and through the help of World Health Assembly ( Reports have been given to the government to curb the promotion of unhealthy food and introduce physical exercise (Al Dhaifallah 2346).
IV. Country Policy/Possible Solution
Due to the high risk of obesity- related diseases like heart failure and cardiovascular problems in Saudi Arabia, the possible solutions to this menace is food dieting and exercising. These are some of the solutions that will help Saudi Arabia to be able to reduce the risk factors of its citizen’s death (El Mouzan 203).

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Topic B: Burden of Mental Illness in Saudi Arabia
II. Background
Mental illness refers to the state of mind having various disorders that affect your thinking, behavior, and mood. This disease can be made manifest in the form of eating disorders, depression, substance abuse, stress, and many other disorders (Al-Issa 118). In Saudi Arabia, it is estimated that more females than males are at a higher risk of this illness. This has made the government of Saudi Arabia has come up with public educational programs to assist those affected by mental illness. These programs have been enrolled in schools and other institutions for early detection and proper treatment (Al-Khathami and Ogbeide 722).
Changes in mood, stress, and eating disorders are among the most underrated illnesses and disorders because they keep on changing at different times. Therefore, these disorders make the problem of mental illness difficult to treat (Al-Issa 121). Accessibility of health services for mentally ill persons can be built at various major clinics and hospitals for quick access. Another solution would be to increase the number of educational programs that offer services to the mentally ill persons. Saudi Arabia values its citizens and has therefore conducted several types of researches to be able to create awareness of the disorder and at the same time deal with it. It has put schemes in the medical institutions that will cater for mentally challenged people (Abdulghani 520).
III. UN Involvement
An agenda has been adopted by United Nations to be able to create positive impact on the communities and societies that have been affected by mental illness (
In 1991, Ban Ki-moon adopted the Mentally Ill Principles that will be implemented in determining and administering patients suffering from these disorders despite the opposition from some countries. Due to this reaction, the agenda was revised, adapted, and assimilated by many countries (
IV. Country Policy/Possible Solutions
Some of the efforts that have been made that haven’t been adequately emphasized include the acceptance of these people who have been diagnosed with the mental disorder. This gives them the moral support they need and prevents them from undergoing stigmatization. Secondly is to take good care of the mentally ill and be able to take them for any therapy necessary or medications required (Becker, Al Zaid, and Al Faris 275). These practices will be able to help them get better and feel appreciated.

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