Consciousness in Life

Nearly all the occasions one does in his or her life, whether they are bad or good, tend to structure life in a negative or positive manner. It is quintessential for people to be conscious of their day-to-day occasions in order determine how active they impact their personality. In one’s every day interactions, particularly at work, are probably some of the relevant activities that shape the individuality serving as a lesson on how one should always habits himself or herself in different situations. Unprincipled behaviors from a friend could correct outline as well as define the type of conduct that one may adopt instantly. We can usually develop unique skills in addressing some conditions as well as incidences in our lives. Indeed, it is through once will, aggressiveness, and the urge to change that defines the kind of a person one desires to be. A contrite experience at the work place changed my life making me view the community in a different manner from what I had already perceived.

When I was taking my internship at a local institution as an intern for six months, I was so dedicated to discover and make use of my abilities without distractions in order to change my life for the good. Consequently, I focused on gaining experience and learning new aspects of living that could properly assist me to conform and relate with the community. Contrary to my expectation, my dreams did not go as expected. I was faced with difficult situation as soon as I began my internship. I was so distracted and life became unendurable that rendered me reluctantly more of a coward than a whiz-kid. There was a colleague within our office who had recognized my strengths; which, according to him, it was all weakness on my side. My qualities for instance, hard work, self-disciple, and honesty were my biggest foe as the counterpart became substantially insensitive and decided to take advantage of me. He coerced and harassed me to do nearly everything that he suggested on his behalf.

One day, the counterpart became quarrelsome and unruly on me. I was conducting my daily responsibilities as usual in the organization before he showed up and forcefully commanded me to help him in handling his duties on his behalf. Because I was overwhelmed with other duties at that specific time, I passionately objected his command and respectfully told him to hurl all sorts of bitter vitriol and insults which were just but dehumanizing and slanderous. He surprised and puzzled most of the other counterparts with his ludicrous assertions toward my reserved and meek personality. Since I failed to submit to him, he decided to abuse me to an extent that he physically mistreated me. As a result, he evoked conflict with me and other employees of the organization which made us feel like outsiders and we did not deserve to be part of the same organization. The same issues raised concern from the leaders of the organization and served as a turning point to my life as decision was reached based on ethical consideration that would defined who I am.

Owing to my enormous respect for others, I was not willing or ready to fight back. I had known that the situation could be a defining moment for me as to what I was capable incase I am faced with such challenges in the future. Taking the decision against my other colleagues could probably make them see me as an unethical individual and a militarist. Thus, I was able to stay calm and expected him to abuse me until he was done. Though, I made efforts to discuss the same issue with the management to take appropriate action, which they properly did. The situation meant a lot to me towards the way I relate with others. In the same situation, I was highly congratulated by the executive management for taking the right step to report and apply my skills appropriately. I came to understand that it does not pay anything to indulge in a fight, since it demeans the underlying attributes and character of an individual who is highly greatly desired. My counterpart lost it as he was announced disrespectful and nuisance he was dismissed from his duties and he was fired from the organization.

In summary, the situation herein was significant given that I was able to acquire skills that I currently apply in life. As a matter of concern, I have learned to appreciate each every individual I meet and not to trust everyone to an extent that they can control me. To engage in violence is morally and ethically unaccepted, and I have deduced numerous mechanism of addressing such situation whenever they arise. In this manner, I view my actions to be victorious since I am a role model for other students who have a noteworthy veneration and reverence for me. In fact, I am always called upon as a volunteer in campus to resolve disagreement between fellow students for my enthusiasm and bravery. The bold challenge was fervidly a turning point for me since I am an all-round individual who perceive life from diverse perspectives.

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