concentration camps

Rudolf's Experiences as the Director of Concentration Camps

Rudolf recorded his experiences as the director of concentration camps run by the German government to kill Jews at the behest of his superiors.

Rudolf's Recounts of Gruesome Tales

Rudolf recounts gruesome tales about the camp's inmates in his book. He explains the different ways the Jewish captives were put to death.

Rudolf's Role as a Nazi SS Member

He had to follow the instructions of the Fuhrer because he was a Nazi SS member. He had to carry out the Fuhrer's order to execute the Jews in this respect. This decree was viewed as a way to end Jewish supremacy in the nation.

The Capture and Fate of Jews in Concentration Camps

As Germany expanded in Eastern fronts, Jews were captured and sent to the concentration camps where they met their deadly fate. Rudolf recalls the events where the prisoners were executed by either firing or in gas chambers. These events are soul-tainting and affect his conscience as described in the memoir.

Rudolf's Acknowledgement of Emotional Impacts

Despite being the leader of the 'Jewish extermination' project, he acknowledges the emotional impacts of the execution carried out. In one instance, he narrates the reaction of people who were to be executed and his attitudes towards them.

Interactions with Prisoners

Prisoners who were suspicious of the activities in the concentration camp were shot with a pistol. The others were killed in the gas chambers. Rudolf also interacted with the prisoners, some of whom begged him to save the lives of their children. Some prisoners worked for him and interacted with his family, forging a close relationship with his children. However, their interaction was short-lived as they were later executed.

Regret and Family

In spite of the horrid killings and massacres he oversaw, Rudolf is not apologetic. His only regret is failing to spend enough time with his family.

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