compelling story - The Inner world of the Immigrant Child

The Inner World of the Immigrant Child

The renowned Cristina Igoa has created a gripping novel titled The Inner World of the Immigrant Child. This book explores the complex dynamics of immigrant families and the problems they encounter as a result of their status in society in order to comprehend the inner lives of an immigrant child. Cristina describes her story, including the difficulties she faced as an immigrant child and learning English, as well as how she had to move through war in multiple different nations. In general, the book tells the story of a teacher’s journey as she tries to comprehend the emotional state and daily lives of immigrant children, as well as how she makes her classroom responsive for the pupils. In addition, it explores the thoughts and feelings of immigrant children who were forced into a foreign land with no voice and choice and how they struggle to cope with the new culture.

When Immigrant Children Leave Their Country

According to The Inner world of the Immigrant Child, when immigrant children exit their country, they not only leave behind their language, but also their culture, social system, and community. This is evident when the author writes, “When immigrant children leave the country that was their home – a familiar language, culture, community, and social system – they experience a variety of emotional and cognitive adjustments to the reality of life in a new country” (Igoa, 2013). Therefore, they have to work hard to learn a new language and culture for them to survive in a foreign land. In their learning process, they experience cognitive and emotional adjustments in the new country, and at this time, they need guidance and support as they cope. Nonetheless, the author notes that they do not have to do away with their culture; all they got to do is integrate into the American culture and learn what is supposed to be learned without doing away with their identities. Therefore, Igoa gives insights as a teacher on how to handle such students and assist them in making it academically as immigrants.

Support Strategies for Immigrant Students

Even though many schools are well equipped to meet the needs of immigrant students, a majority of these students is always afraid to air out their views and opinions while in the classroom. According to Igoa, this is because they do not receive the support they need from their teachers because most schools are yet to develop support strategies to help immigrant students navigate the multiple cultures and second languages. Nonetheless, the author offers a solution in chapter 5 where she explains systematically the things she managed to do to her students to help them achieve academically. Cristina says, “Important it is for children to feel not only that they are in an academically challenging classroom but that they can all achieve” (Igoa, 2013). She is for the idea that teachers have to be supportive in addition to knowing their students and where they stand academically. She further contends that teachers should understand their students well to make learning easier. In fact, chapter five is very educative and informative for both students and educators because it explores the subject of immigrant students in depth as it explains to teachers how to deal with immigrant students and make them successful in a foreign land. Cristina Igoa insists that educators should become researchers of their students and this will help understand them and assist the immigrant students to achieve academically.

Never Giving Up on Immigrant Children

In Cristina’s book, she is clear about not giving up on immigrant children. According to her, most of these students will create an “inner world” within themselves, and this stops them from talking about the difficulties they are encountering in the foreign land. Therefore, the author insists that it is the duty of the coaches, mentors, and the teachers to never give up on immigrant children because they need help to cope with the new environment. She further insists that the educators try their best to make the lives of the immigrant children better both emotionally and academically by creating a responsive learning environment that meets their feelings and needs.

The Importance of The Inner World of the Immigrant Child

The information acquired from Cristina’s book is essential for all immigrant children and their families because the author relates to immigrant students while offering them effective ways to counter problems they face. The Inner world of the Immigrant Child book is credible because it offers teachers a new perspective on how to deal with immigrant children within the American education system. With the increasing influx of refugees and immigrants in the US, it is vital for everyone to be aware of the “inner world” the immigrant children create in their heads while migrating and in turn help them cope in a country with new cultures. Through the book The Inner world of the Immigrant Child, Igoa shows immigrant students they can make it academically in a foreign land and with a foreign culture as long as they get the support their need from their educators and they work hard to excel in their academics.

An Insightful Book for Teachers and Students

The Inner world of the Immigrant Child is an insightful book for both teachers and students. It teaches the educators on how to deal with immigrant children in addition to teaching the immigrant children on how to cope in a foreign land. Apart from the educators, Igoa’s book proves to students that despite coming from different parts of the world, they are not different from each other. She teaches them that it does not matter which corner of the world they came from and they do not have to forget their culture, what is important is that they should learn to integrate their culture into the American culture and strive to excel in their academics. The author did an incredible job while writing the book for the English Language Learners and their teachers. Therefore, Cristina’s book is a must read for everyone seeking to familiarize her/himself with the problems faced by English Language Learners and their teachers when they enter in a classroom. I recommend this book to all educators and immigrant students because it is instrumental and informative and a must read.


Igoa, C. (2013). The Inner world of the Immigrant Child. Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.

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