I find the resume template to be professional and straightforward.

As a result, it has parts where specific details can be entered in an easy-to-read format. It is not cluttered, and the segments are clearly numbered. Any audience of the resume would appreciate the template's visual appeal. The included design is practical and can be used by users from a number of backgrounds. It is so because it allows for the modification of knowledge to meet the specific needs of each person in various professions. The template, unfortunately, has sections with broad headings. Therefore, I would modify these broad headings to make them specific, so that they are tailored to the job requirements for the applied position in a company. There will also be change of the location of the headings in order for them to suit the entire template and represent the overall picture of how the information needs to be organized.

Question 2

The website of Fordvehicles.com utilizes an effective vocabulary choice, which makes the visitor develop interest on finding more about the present cars. Further, I consider the graphic and visual design appealing, since the vehicles appear in different colors, which depict their variety. There are also additional links that are provided in this website that helps in reaching for more information on what the customer may be willing to gather with reference to the depicted vehicles in the website. Hence, I am convinced the website meets the needs of the target readers. People find the appealing aesthetics and graphics for the site, which are enjoyable across a large spectrum of information. The readers also get all the details they seek to have on the cars from the website very easily.

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