Collecting Detroit as an Idea Factor

The “Detroit Idea Factory” in accordance to Dr. Brinker in Lawrence Tech University as shown in the video, “Idea Factory: Collecting Detroit,” combines the conceptual solutions in the field of design, structure and manage using collection of ecological and city interventions to define the complex crises in the city. It involves sketch thinking which has been employed in the writing studies in colleges to deliver the clear understanding of structural environment to the broad audience. The video displays Dr. Brinker trying to elaborate the Idea Factory, which borrows ancient artwork as existed in the city of Detroit since 1920, to foster the crucial work in the social sciences, humanities and conversation that emerge from Lawrence Tech University and the rest of the world to address the problems in the city.Dr. Brinker, a scholar in the Lawrence Technological University leads the audiences though a presentation that covers a broader network of research, innovation, and exploration that bring together visions that would change the face of the city. The study reflects the theoretical collection of urban, architectural and ecological solution to cub the tangible problems that exist in the city of Detroit. Collecting Detroit city in this case, refers to the voyage of discovery by collectors or Detroit artists in re-imagining the art of culture that abide the sense of land, industry, water to explain the gravel of the city. The presentation ploughs back from the contemporary history of art to cognitive psychology and primeval philosophy, which apply the creative thinking in the field of business, architecture and engineering to teach structures in higher institutions. The talk encourages and explores a wide range of creativity that links the design thinking and writing skills in colleges as a way of trying to cross the boundaries of academic disciplines while fostering curricular programs. In his presentation, Dr. Brinker allows the audience to think beyond the borders and connect the collection of fabrication and series of creativity to writing in order to enhance materiality of text constructive in generating tangible answers to the existing crises in the city. To give the clear understanding of Detroit Idea Factory, Doctor divides the network into three major structures basing on the field they cover in the art; they include the Cobo Centre, People Mover and Hart Plaza. The combination idea of the structures provides room for creative thinking, illustration, writing, sharing and coming up with concrete solutions that would offer the city the best capital. The citizens of Detroit acquires space that enables them to forge their city`s future framework through the distribution of the programmed structures that Dr, Brinker illustrates in his talk. The collective design of the structures in Detroit basing on the Idea Factory would offer directive idea in connectivity of the structure programs through various elements of design. For examples, according to Dr. Brinker, the layout of the community spaces, food and sport courts, which have a direct connection to the rail structure and give free space of air in the “People Mover,” would enhance reinvigoration of the Detroit city floor.In the programmed structure at Hart Plaza, this serves as a zone for water treatment in the city, especially between park spaces and landscaped pathways, depict a greater ecological function. There is a collection of fabrication, creative educational silos that connect several community rooms such as the new amphitheatre on the waterfront. The area plays a vital role in collecting, cleansing and naturally cleaning the entire environment of the city runoff. To apply the Factory Idea Factory in such a collection, Dr. Brinker considers it as a phased intervention which engages the inventive economy by employing different aspect of design in entrepreneurship, play and cooperation to expand the legacy of the Detroit city. The new design of the infrastructural and the visual connectivity between the elements of Cobo Centre and that of the Hart Plaza are aligned vertically basing on Detroit Idea Factory in contrary to the current horizontal alignment of the city. Taking the program vertically provides an opportunity to identify the waterfall of Detroit city through icon program which gives tangible ideas to sustain the ecological framework for central Detroit. The new structure enables the free connection among all the design elements in Hart plaza such as community rooms, pathways, and air space to give city`s creative capital which allows for denser planning and incorporation of different strategies. The Detroit Idea Factory accommodates a schedule of economic restructuring, partnership and momentum aimed at propelling the development of the municipality to a higher level.In summary, according to Brinker, the whole process of “Detroit Idea Factory,” calls for coordination between various leaders in different fields, standing firm and able to deploy duties. He also encourages leaders of universities in various faculties to emulate the kind of talks that incorporate design thinking in the art of writing providing space for creativity that encourages problem solving. Employing design thinking in colleges encourages and explores a wider range of writing skills as a way of trying to cross the boundaries of academic disciplines while fostering curricular programs that enable countering problems facing the city surroundings. Works CitedLawrence Tech University. Idea Factor: Collecting Detroit. 2016. Hendriks. The Idea Factory, Introduction to Innovation Management. 2013,, Srividya. The Idea Factory. 2015,

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