Cleidocranial Dysplasia Research

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Cleidocranial Dysplasia is a disorder characterized by skeleton underdevelopment. The condition is characterized by a delay in the growth of the midline structures and is inherited. The majority of patients with this disorder have been found to be short in height (Patel, Patel, Kwok, & Cobourne, 2016). Furthermore, patients with the same disorder also have hypoplastic facial bones as well as a prognathic mandible. When compared to the average person, an individual is found to have few or significantly fewer teeth. Besides, the patients’ shoulders are drawn together, and their foreheads are underdeveloped. Most people’s intellect, on the other hand, is average. The main aim of the article is to assess the activities that can be carried out to ensure that patients diagnosed with this condition operate normally. Orthogonal treatment is based on the alignment of teeth within the mouth of the patient. The deciduous teeth are removed and a process of normalizing the arrangement is put to action. A number of implants were used to carry out the test. The number implanted per jaw ranged between 5 and 6 (Patel &et al, 2016). During the test, there was 93% success rate with only 4 implants failing out of the total 59 pieces that had been taken out for the test. Conclusively, the researcher came to realize that the method of computer-guided implanting techniques ensured good results. Furthermore, it boosted the method of full mouth rehabilitation. Also, the method reduced the time required to carry out such study. However, there is still need to improvise the methods to acquire the most generalizable outcomes.
Patel, D., Patel, N., Kwok, J., & Cobourne, M. (2016). The Multidisciplinary Approach in the Treatment of Patients With Cleidocranial Dysplasia to Achieve a Functional Aesthetic Outcome. Journal of Oral and Maxillafacial Surgery, 74(9), e58–e59.

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