Clarion-Milwaukee Information System Plan

There are numerous benefits that information systems have brought to the market, most notably that they have made work easier by reducing the labor in the firm (Bajdor & Grabara, 2014). Clarion Milwaukee must implement an information system in every department to ensure that they save time by making work easier and more efficient.

Because it is so important, the present market defines the organization's trend. The analysis and forecasting of the of the future environment will become simple if the existing market is performing well since experts are in a position of determining the future environment by applying the existing and the past market trends. Analysis of the environment plays a significant role in enabling the company to prepare on the ways of approaching the environment on the challenges concerning information systems (Cassidy, 2016).

Proposed information technology action plan

Since not everyone will accept changes in the company, it is recommended that information technology is incorporated into the company step by step. Additionally, the people to hand the system should have proper knowledge on the system for the transformation to be a success. This enables employees to be prepared psychologically since they prefer the old system.

Resources and funding needs justification

Like any other project money, Clarion-Milwaukee should set aside the resources of the information system and funding. Since information system requires little capital, Clarion-Milwaukee should be in a position of raising money for implementing the system (Schwalbe, 2015) .

Implementation plan

The implementation plan should be carried out step by step in every department after setting it up to ensure that the level of success plan is determined. Therefore, the Clarion-Milwaukee should anticipate few challenges which should act as a bridge to help them in rectifying their mistakes (Galegher, Kraut, & Egido, 2014). The old systems should be got rid of from all the departments once the new system has been incorporated to give room for the operation of the new systems.

Organizational change

During any organizational changes, all employees and stakeholders must be involved to see their perspectives on the proposed organizational changes. This also helps in minimizing their resistance before the plan is implemented since not all employees accept changes in an organization (Elnaga & Imran, 2013).


When the information is new to employees, training them on the usage of the systems is very vital. For the purpose of putting employees up to speed, Clarion-Milwaukee must offer training activities to them to be contented that the business can run smoothly when employees are incorporated to the change in the information’s system (Elnaga & Imran, 2013).


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