Children Vaccination


In June 2015, California kingdom governor approved and mandated a law that applies stringent necessities in the exemption of vaccination for children especially on grounds of private and religious beliefs. In my opinion, this law used to be a politically sound move after the measles outbreak at Disneyland California in 2015 as it ensures children to be nicely protected and the effects of "herd immunity" to stay intact.

The Victory of Vaccination

For centuries, journals and researchers have advocated for universal vaccination. Let us scientifically disclaim myths and unwarranted beliefs on the dangers of vaccination and to remember the victory of vaccination. Take for example, polio, which had crippling and paralyzing effects on the contaminated individual that has since been eradicated with the invention of polio vaccine by Jonas Salk for the inactivated form and Albert Sabin for the oral formulation. Another major example is the eradication of smallpox in 1977 by the development of the smallpox vaccine that had caused countless deaths.

Opposition and Ethical Considerations

Although the effects of vaccination had been scientifically proven and many of its successful applications been witnessed, there are still many opponents that publicly denounced vaccination. Many of these arguments are based on ethics as well as personal and religious beliefs. Ethicists believe that every individual has the autonomy for personal freedom and the capacity for choice. However, moral theory utilitarianism also requires human beings to bear moral obligation that outweighs personal interest. This particularly affects those who are immunocompromised as the herd immunity from vaccination provides some form of protection in a contained environment.

Promoting Accurate Information

As such, adequate dissemination of accurate information on the safety of vaccination should be made available to the public to appease their worries.

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