chemistry vs biology

I discovered in middle school that Chemistry involves the mixing of solvents and solutes to form a solution.

On the same note, I discovered that biology is the science of living things such as plants, animals, and bacteria. All in Middle School understands the distinctions between Chemistry and Biology. These are the main concepts of Chemistry and Biology, according to a layperson's interpretation. Despite their discrepancies, the two topics are related. As a result, Chemistry serves as the primary biological factor, implying that Biology does not survive without Chemistry. As a result, Chemistry and Biology are associated topics. The University of Arizona considers Chemistry as a related subject to Biology. As such, Chemistry has four elements, which make the 99 percent of all the living things. These elements are Oxygen (O), Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), and Nitrogen (N) (The University of Arizona 1). Hence, there would be no life without the presence of these elements in the biosphere.

It is the Chemistry, which ensures that organs of all living things are attached and linked to each other.

Hence, there are attractions, which results in the development of longer constructions, which include the foot and the hand. Furthermore, the food that living things consume comprises of Chemistry. The Chemistry helps in breaking down such foods into smaller molecules for ready absorption in the body of people.

Biology and Chemistry focuses on the study of life, but in different perspectives.

Biology is considered as the study of living things and their interactions with the immediate environment (Region of Queens Municipality 1). Hence, biology focuses on the study of all living things as they exist within their natural environment. This is different from Chemistry since Biology aims at organs and organisms and how such organs function while Chemistry focuses on the minuscule components of the make-up of these structures in the body of living things.

Both Biology and Chemistry are sciences, which assist in seeing the differences, which exists in the modern life.

For example, Chemistry assists in making clarifications as to why a dog looks different from a cat by taking into consideration of the genetic composition of these animals. Chemist professionals embark on natural diversity to develop polymers, designs, and pharmaceutical synthesis that help in the environmental protection and the development of other alternatives of energy sources in society (Region of Queens Municipality 1). On the other hand, Biology assists in understanding the structural difference between a dog and a cat in relation to lineage. Thus, biologists utilize a hierarchy of biological organization to illustrate the connectivity and the position of all the living things. The hierarchy begins from the molecules to the cells of the organisms, which are present in the ecosystem of both animals and plants (Region of Queens Municipality 1).

Thus, when in a Biology class doing the frog dissection, it is good to recall that it is Chemistry, which ensures the existence of the frog.

As such, Chemistry is the key life component, which dictates the existence of people in society. It acts as the key factor for people to eat food and for such food to nourish human bodies. The genetic make-up of a living organism determines how Chemistry helps in the production of different structures.

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