Causes and Effects of School Bullying on School-aged Children

This review focuses on a study on bullying, which poses a serious risk to the quality of education. Although bullying can take many different forms, this study concentrated on school bullying, including its origins and effects on students. According to the report, formal education systems can serve as a breeding ground for bullies if parents and teachers fail to fulfill their obligation to closely monitor their children. Since it is a risk factor for bullying, the research emphasizes the impact of power imbalances among school-age children in their social circles. The paper also includes gender role socialization as a factor. It draws attention to the differences between males and girls in terms of their propensity to experience bullying during adolescence. The gendered inquiry found that girls were at more risk of being victims of bullying especially before the adolescent stage; this could be because parents reinforce docile and dormant characteristics on girls while on boys, parents reinforce dominance.

The study found that children who have usually suffered the vice found it hard to establish relationships in the future, perhaps due to unresolved fears; also, more adverse effects of bullying include; difficulty in learning and the development of psychosomatic complications. As a reconciliation to the harmful effects of bullying, my paper highlights on the importance of breaking gender role socialization by parents. I realized that by teaching girls to be weak in cognitive activities which require motor skills, parents reinforce timidity and a lack of self-apprehension to girls, therefore predisposing them. I found literature that calls education institutions to design and institute anti-bullying policies in learning institutions to create a safe and conducive learning environment that promotes holistic learning.

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