Cast of Characters

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The identity of a person defines the social interactions one encounters in a given society since it is someone’s individual character or the amount of the attributes that shape the essence of the individual (Showerman, 2010). The need to reconcile home and school work is important as a high school student, and success is a big challenge in college, and the motivation to succeed in school is high. As a pupil, diligence and handwork in studies are paramount during the journey of schooling from kindergarten to high school to achieve the required grades in the exams. Being a student there are teachers who teach directly from the book with no examples to support the topics being taught as a curious and hardworking student to perform and get the desired grades personal studies in the library always help me to get the extra information and examples on the topics that were not understood well during class, After classes being a team player I formed groups made of classrooms to help discuss the topic that was taught in class to help the knowledge sink in as required and also share knowledge and idea among the students to improve on our grades as a group.

Bullying is an issue among the students in school as a student my courage and interpersonal skills helped in socializing and bonding with other students in school and also at home. Providing a healthy environment to study and also during sports outside the classroom due to good relationship maintained between myself and other student’s and the teachers, making it easy to consult with other students and the teachers in case of any issue and it encourages teamwork in school. Also being a friendly individual in school I had a best friend who helped keep me company and advised me whenever I was losing my focus as a student and encouraged each other to perform in our studies.

Through my schooling, being a slow learner, patience was key in my studies during revisions and homework to improve on my grades and excel in my studies. Before improving on my grades I had to review the issues that were making me perform poorly and made points on where the corrections were needed and worked hard to improve on my weaknesses as a student, late revision for exams was one of the issues that led to my poor performance knowing that led to early preparation of the exams through following of my personal timetable that guided me through my revision in the different subjects. Through patience and perseverance in consistence revision, my grades improved.

Working on one’s self is the key to developing the required character for an individual to overcome any given psychological situation in life and achieve any result they wish to achieve. As a student being hardworking, punctual, patient and team player enable one to work towards good grades that are both impressive to the school, parents and the involved individual.


Enos, J, Kindratenko, V., Steffen, C., Shi, G., &Showerman, M. (2010, August). Cast of Characters. In Workshop in Progress in Green Computing.

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