Donna's Leadership Style

Donna encourages and facilitates teamwork among zoo personnel. She recognizes that individuals want an organizational environment that allows them to actually speak up and allows them to take risks by participating in decision making. They can now speak up without fear of being rejected or penalized. Donna is also decisive since, while she does not overthrow the staff, she is the one who makes decisions. Her leadership would improve if she encouraged her people more and communicated with them on a regular basis. Good leaders communicate to their employees on top of the fact that they get involved even in informal meetings and relationship with employees. The fact she involved them in decision makes the employees passionate and focused on the goals of the zoo.

Donna's Use of Power

Due to the fact that she is the one that makes the decisions, she employs legitimate power. Being the boss, she recognizes that she has authority thus having legitimate powers to make decisions even though she listens to her employees. It would be necessary for her to have the powers in order to make decisions that are good for certain situations and targeting given goals. Because of her qualifications, she employs coercive powers to enable her lead the employees and clients of Buffalo Zoo.

Donna as a Transformational Leader

Donna is a transformational leader because she works with the subordinates, the employees, to identify the need for change in the organization, she involves them in decision making thus creating vision for them which would guide through the period of change. I would like to work with Donna because she inspires the employees by socializing with them creating a tandem of employees that are committed to the visions of the organization.


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