Buddhism - a religion

Because of its nature, Buddhism has undergone many transformations and has been adopted by numerous cultures. The religion evolved from Buddha's teachings, which state that nothing is lost in the universe, that everything changes, and that law and cause-and-effect exist (karma). Buddha's basic meaning cannot be lost or died. Buddha taught on moral leadership and living a decent life. This represents forgiveness, tranquility, companionship, tenderness, and meditation.

The original meaning of Buddha himself cannot be forgotten or die since it is relevant to people all across the world. People that incorporate Buddhism into their society recognise its influence on their actions. “Religion is an extremely powerful motivator for a behavior and it forms a strong social and cultural identity”. Religion also influences how people live. Buddha’s teachings usually have a meaning to those who adopt Buddhism. For instance, Japanese adopted Buddhism in their culture and the teaching on karma by the Buddha still have its original meaning. “The doctrine of karma influenced the Japanese people in two ways. One was an extension in the conception of life and the other was a fostering of the mood of self-renunciation”. This is because they believe that karma is not only entitled to the wrongdoer but ties such as his/her family ones can be affected. Buddha taught the people that the wrong actions they do to others it can also happen to them. This still has the same meaning to Japanese as sacrificing oneself not to have a hurting behavior to others so as for it not to affect you and your family in future is the same as the original teaching on karma by Buddha.

The original meaning of Buddhism cannot change due to its ability to change and being adopted. This is because if it changes, then Buddhism will be another thing but not the original one as taught by the Buddha. Following the Buddha teaching on everything changes, it is the truth and this means that even if it is adopted by other cultures, the teaching will remain that way. The world is undergoing a great change. For instance, climate change and global warming have resulted in changes in the seasons. It has also caused high levels of water in the water bodies, desertification among others. Nowadays the acts of terrorism have increased. This explains how life can be sometimes smooth and other times rough which is the truth.

The nothing is lost in the universe teaching is also clear that if we destroy what is around us it affects us too. Climate change and global warming are due to human activities which result in the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Nature is unable to absorb the high concentration of the gases and thus resulting in the issue. This has really affected everyone in the world. Our activities are affecting us too. This is because we depend on the earth for food, water, among others but due to the changes in its functioning, water is becoming more scarce and drought is being experienced by a number of countries especially the developing ones. This means that the original teaching of the Buddha will be relevant despite the changes and adoption to other cultures.

The original meaning of Buddha teachings matters a lot. This is because it defines the Buddhism religion and also culture. If they change, then that will not be Buddhism but something else. Buddha’s teachings one nothing lost in the universe, everything changes, and karma are the basic truth which influences the lives of people. Even if Buddhism is faced by changes and adopted by other cultures, I think the original teachings can still be appreciated.


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