Breakdown of work structure

Customer experience management

Customer experience management refers to methods, techniques, and technologies used by most businesses and organizations in the course of handling and assessing customer transactions as well as knowledge over the life of the client. The main aim of CRM is to strengthen market relations and client relationships. It formulates an essential factor of retention of the customers available.

Estimate potential benefits

Each of the tasks in the work breakdown structure has its ultimate purpose and contribution to the overall performance of the organization. Creating a senior level sponsorship enable the project to have enough funds that will assist all the activities of the project. Gathering relevant information will provide the project will relevant knowledge concerning the customers with an idea of understanding the challenges in the project and the best solutions. Assessing the current state will offer the project with project problems that may affect the future of the plan. Moreover, identifying the available opportunities with help the CRM project to have better platforms in the coming expansions.

Connecting value changes and CRM strategy

Connecting value changes and CRM strategy will contribute to having a relationship between the present values of the project to see if the benefits will assist in attaining the best strategy for the project plan. Moreover, the task of illustrating CRM requirements will help the project to know the resources and time that will contribute to attaining the demonstrated need of the CRM plan. Creating a business case is just a process of evaluating the demonstrated the effectiveness of the set plans towards the success of CRM. Finally, having a rollout strategy is a task that will help implement the activities mentioned above for the general success of the CRM.


Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2004). Management information systems: Managing the digital firm. New Jersey, 8.

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