August Heat Short Story Analysis

William Fryer Harvey's short story, August Heat

William Fryer Harvey's short story, August Heat, introduces the reader to mystery, horror, and the supernatural. The story opens with a young man named James Clarence Withencroft introducing himself and talking about his family. He then decides to leave the house and begin drawing, but soon finds himself in a reverie and at the entrance to Chas. Atkinson's house.


Foreshadowing is an effective way to build suspense in a short story. The uncanny and foreshadowing in August Heat by W.F. Harvey are effective in building this suspense. The author places the protagonist in a dangerous situation to keep the reader guessing. This makes the story more suspenseful and makes the reader want to find out the outcome.

In August Heat, the main character, James Clarence, draws an image in his head of a man he meets. The image matches the description of the person he has drawn earlier in the morning. At the time of this foreshadowing, Atkinson's wife is in bed and he is busy sharpening some tools.

Point of view

William Fryer Harvey's "August Heat" short story is an example of a point of view short story. The story is set in Clapham, England, and involves an artist and a stone mason. While there is no crime involved, the intense heat causes the characters to experience an intense emotional reaction. The story is ultimately about coincidence and providence. While the plot is simple, point of view in this type of story can help make it more compelling.

Harvey uses foreshadowing and anticipation to create a sense of tension. The novel also has several twists and a satisfying cliffhanger ending. As a result, readers will find themselves wanting more.


The structure of August Heat is an interesting one. Although there doesn't seem to be a plot, the novel explores the psychological effects of heat. The narrator describes the heat as maddening and oppressive. While there is no crime in the story, the heat causes a powerful reaction in the characters, forcing them to face the consequences.

The story takes place in the early 1900s. Harvey uses foreshadowing and detailed explanations to evoke suspense. His readers will be unable to predict the outcome.


The uncanny is a key element in horror and mystery stories, and in August Heat short story by W.F. Harvey, it is used in a different way. Harvey focuses on foreshadowing and suspense, both of which keep readers on edge throughout the story. He creates this feeling through the use of gothic literature.

There are many different ways to create suspense in a story. The author of August Heat has mastered four of them: foreshadowing, withholding information, placing a character in a dangerous situation, and changing the situation abruptly. Harvey uses these different methods to build suspense in her short story.

Character traits

August Heat is a short story that makes the reader think, and it also uses suspense and foreshadowing to create a sense of dread. The plot revolves around a man named James Clarence who meets a man whose drawing he has kept. Later on, he discovers a gravestone that has been made especially for him. The gothic literature helps Harvey to create a feeling of suspense.

This story, written by William Fryer Harvey, is an excellent example of the combination of mystery and horror. It opens the reader's mind to the possibility of supernatural events. The story starts with a man named James Clarence Withencroft, who introduces himself and talks about his family. He then leaves the house with plans to draw. He then begins to lose himself in a reverie and ends up at the door of Chas. Atkinson's home.

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