Are the experimental methods adequately described?

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The methods used in the analysis were adequately identified by the researchers in this report. The design approach has been known as cross-sectional design. In addition, the researchers have justified the reason for using this approach and why it is appropriate for the study given. For the research question, the experimental design and methods were suitable as they helped collect sufficient data to address the question. In addition, the process and design suggested the participation and recruitment of participants who, without any sort of difficulty, helped gather information and data to address the research question. Was the target sample population appropriate for this study? Does the sample of this study allow for generalizability of results? Explain.
The target sample population was appropriate for this study. As such, the study used a sample population of 132,515, which factored in demographic factors that include gender, age, social-status, and ethnicity. Further, the participants were accessed across the world through the Internet. Hence, there was no room to have biased data, which is centered on a given location. Therefore, the obtained results from this population are generalizable because the sample population represents the views of a large population in society.
What measures were used to assess personality? Are the measurements valid and reliable? What other measures would you have liked to see included in the study? Explain.
The personality was assessed using the Big Five Inventory (BFI) measure. The measurement is reliable and valid because the dimensions of BFI are easy to understand and the sample population was able to interpret them without significant challenges. Further, BFI has scales that enhance reliability, validity, and consistency on the tests.
The study should have included the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This is a personality test, which could assist in extracting additional information from the study participants on their traits. Thus, it could have assisted in enriching the quality and reliability of the gathered data.
Are the procedures relevant, clear and appropriate? Is there enough detail in the procedures to enable replication? Explain.
The study provides very clear, relevant, and appropriate procedures. Such includes justification for the selection of the procedures and how they assist in gathering quality data and analysis (Srivastava, John, Gosling & Potter, 2003). Furthermore, these procedures are detailed, which ensures that there is room to have data replication in the future. Thus, the procedures indicate what data is to be collected how it is gathered the representation, the results, and analysis. Therefore, all the data has a source and it is not directly fixed by the researcher from unknown locations.
Are the statistical methods appropriate for the data and research design? Explain.
The used statistical methods are appropriate for the research design and data. These methods help in testing of the hypothesis, which was formulated for this research. Further, the method assist in gathering the data, representation, and analysis with a lot of ease. As such, the research are able to use the statistical methods to deduce the inferences, which are depicted by the obtained data from the research process. The use of tabular and graphical tools helps to have a clear depiction of the data, which is gathered from the entire research process by the researchers. Such tools also support the analysis and interpretation process for the data.
Are the findings generalizable? To whom? What limitations exist in generalizing the findings? Explain.
The obtained findings from this study are generalizable. This is because the used sample population is a clear depiction of the personality traits, which are expected to be observed from the larger population in society. The results are generalizable to all individuals in psychology who are concerned with understanding the personality theories and traits. The limitation of generalizing result is that there are some environmental factors, which could have influenced how the participants in the study respondent. Hence, these factors are not considered in results leading to poor generalization of the findings for a large population.

Srivastava, S., John, O.P., Gosling, S.D., & Potter, J. (2003). Development of personality in early
and middle adulthood: Set like plaster or persistent change? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84(5), 1041-53.

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