Aquatic Cultural Capital of America

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Dear Panel

The Aquatic Cultural Capital of America is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 with the main aim of popularizing long Beach as a place for tourists and visitors that would want to take part in the proposed aquatic activities in the city. It is channelled towards support and honor of the aquatic athletes, education, and promotion of water safety. Its members consist of business gurus, marine enthusiasts, divers, swimmers, rowers not excluding boaters who give their time to encouraging sports and organizing events in Long Beach.

The Problem: Asthma and swimming.

Asthma is a respiratory disease that mainly affects lungs making it difficult to inhale and exhale air outside the respiratory system. It is scientifically proven that the risk of contracting asthma is high in the indoor pools because of the effects of the chlorine used in those pools. It may look classy and fun to swim in indoor pools but what people don’t know is that the effects of the indoor pools outweigh the benefits in swimming in such environments. Anybody is at risk of contracting the disease despite the age. Apart from asthma, most of the long beach children do not know how to swim despite their closeness to the water.

The Solution: Awareness creation, Education, and Training.

This project will mainly target the long beach population. The creation of awareness of the effect of indoor swimming will be very significant to the population keeping them away from the disease. It will encourage beach swimming for the population around the beach since it is free from chlorine. Training of the long beach children and any other interested adults will ensure their safety while swimming on the beach. Through the awareness creation, education and training, the beach will not only be opened for the visitors but also for the locals.

The Aquatic Capital of America Capabilities: Relationships and Experience.

The Aquatic Capital of America is suited and capable to effectively implement and manage the project. With the experience of more than eight years, we are better placed to successfully initiate and manage the project for the benefit of everybody. In relation to our main objective of promoting and long beach as a global destination, we will have no option but to see into the implementation of the project to add to the list of projects we have done in the promotion of the long beach. In conjunction with the professionals at the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, we have always used in training and conducting civil education; we are not bound to fail.

Budget Request: $150000 payable in two installments.

With the main objective being promoting the long beach to be a global destination, providing swimming lessons to the young kids will help propel the on-going swimming opportunities for the young children. The Aquatic Capital of America has proven their worth with the years they have been in the field. Out of the requested amount, the first installment of $100000 will be used in the launching of the phase one of the projects which will entail creation awareness and education to the asthma priority zones. The phase two will be commissioned immediately after phase one and will involve the provision of swimming lessons to the young children in the asthma prone zones.
Through this support, the U.S. Department through the Grants Division will have greatly offered hand not only for the local but the future generations and the world at large.

Lucy Johnson
Vice President & Development Director

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