Analysis of Donald Trump's Immigration Policy

The Impact of Trump's Border Wall on the US Economy

The current President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump is planning to accomplish one of his significant campaign pledges of building the southern America border. Mr. Trump promised to construct the wall to prevent and deport illegal immigrants inhabiting the United States which he believes they are the primary cause of problems facing America such as drug abuse. Mr. Trump's presidency campaigns broke out to a rough beginning when he utilized incendiary words in unveiling plans to develop a barricade along the Mexico boundary (Sahil). However, this move is opposed by majority of the Congress members as they are against using the tariffs to pay for the construction costs of the wall by noting that it will shrink the US economy because it is too expensive.

The Economic Impact

Mr. Trump's anti-immigrant rules would decline the United States economy by an equivalent margin of the 2007 recession that resulted from the housing crash. The Trump's suggestion to deport about 11 million illegal immigrants and construction of the wall would cost the taxpayers a total of $935 billion which is equal to £643 billion (Robillard). For instance, Trump made a price tag on the border which he seeks to establish a 2,000- mile boundary with Mexico at $8 billion (Robillard). According to Trump, the wall would be 1,000 miles and made of concrete slabs with 35 feet in the air (Robillard). While Mr. Trump insists that the government of Mexico will cater for all the expenses, Mexican leaders have already dismissed Trump's imagination. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump believes that construction of the wall does not affect the US economy since the money will be obtained from cutting the $50 billion trade deficiency with Mexico.

The Potential Consequences

In summary, while Mr. Trump maintains that constructing the wall would not affect the United States economy, the reality is that fulfilling this promise would have the negative consequences on the US GDP since the government would have to spend a total of $935 billion that would have been used to finance other income-generating activities for the country. Additionally, the development of the Mexican border is likely to result in the great recession that once affected the United States as the nation is set to spend a considerable amount of money. In my opinion, since the construction of the southern boundary would make America lose a lot of funds and may cause economic depression, I would suggest Mr. Trump should abandon his immigration plans.

Works Cited

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