An Interview Technique

Analysis of Interviews

According to the analysis of both interviews, the second candidate performed better than the first. In comparison to the first interviewee, the second one makes use of best interviewee practices, increasing the efficacy of the data gathering process.

Best Practices in Interviews

The evaluation's best practices include building a relationship with the interviewee, which the second interviewee does exceptionally well. By building a rapport with the interviewee and creating a comfortable environment, the interviewer encourages Laura to open up and give thoughtful responses, which increases her readiness to share information with me. The other best practice in interviewees is providing adequate information to the interviewee and ethical considerations including the voluntary nature of the interviewee. This is clearly evident in the second interviewee where the interviewer provides information on the importance of the study, participation by other teachers, the possibility of not answering a question, how the interviewee will be conducted including taking notes and interviewee, the use of the study and responses, and the time the interviewee will take. The importance of background information in interviewees is evidenced by the success of the second interviewee compared to the first.

Best practices also include informing the interviewees in advance of the study details and providing assurance of the adherence to ethical principles including confidentiality and anonymity and telling them what to expect during the interview increasing honesty and ensuring informed consent. Listening attentively is also another best practice allowing the respondent to provide a full recount of their experiences without interruptions improving the success of the interview process. Open body language, looking interested, and encouraging the respondent are best practices for utilization in interviews and probing allowing the respondents to provide more information, which is effectively utilized in the second interview. Thanking the respondents for their time and requesting if they could add anything to the interview is also another best practice that is clearly evident in the second interview. This allows the researcher to collect further additional information and offers the respondents to offer information they believe has not been dealt with in the interviewee and is important for the theme of study. The researcher can also get unanticipated information and the discovery of new information. Debriefing the respondent after the interview is also another best practice in conducting interviews allowing the researcher to thank the respondent and let them know they can access the recorded interviews and the results of the study. Taping and transcribing the interviewee also aids in protecting against bias and provide a permanent record of the interview. Taking notes also aids in the analysis of the data collected and reduces chances of interrupting the respondent during the interview allowing for a more effective interview process.

Practices to Avoid

The practices to avoid in the interview process include the use of close answer or one-word and answer questions, a withdrawn body language, and giving inadequate information on how the interview will proceed as is evident in the first interview. The other practices to avoid in interviews are not taking time to develop rapport with the patient and not planning the interview in advance that affects the success of the interview process.

Impact of Viewing Experience

This viewing experience will positively inform my approach to the interviewing assignment by providing a lot of insight into the techniques that I will utilize to achieve efficiency in interviewing and meet data collection needs. The experience has also allowed me to understand the impact of inefficiency in the interviewing process of data collection and the need to ensure best practices are incorporated in interviews to be effective. The viewing experience will promote my efficiency in developing a rapport and maintaining interviewee interest augmenting the achievement of interviewee goals.

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