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Each American citizen’s understanding clearly demonstrates what the “American Dream” means for the poorest Americans and those in other groups. This push helps them to enter the middle class and above or holds the high class status. In reality, it proved much harder than the economists predicted. The lowest social class is less likely than people in other developed countries around the world to ascend the social and economic level. Research from the University of Ottawa indicates that it is much easier to climb the social ladder from the class in which someone is born into in particular countries like Japan, Australia and among the Scandinavian nations than it is in the United States.

There is a greater social inequality in the United States than other countries. A study shows that Americans born into the lower class are likely to remain there since the country does not have a higher degree of mobility when compared to other nations like China (Hargreaves 1). The current state of inequality in the United States is an indicator that children will just be stuck in the same statutes as their parents have been. It is because rich and wealthy families can spend lots of cash in ensuring that the future of their children is secured with money. They do so by paying for tuition, coaching and participation in the extracurricular activities whereas the low-income families cannot afford to pursue the rich’s people’s dreams.

My version of the “American Dream” is and has always been getting an education, applying for the dream job, buying my dream house and car, marrying the woman of my dreams and having four children then going for my dream vacation in Switzerland.

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Hargreaves, Steve. “The myth of the American Dream.” The american dream (2013): 1.

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