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Afrofuturism is a tradition which was very common and well-known in the past, especially in the 19th century. It was once not too old, as it was no longer considered as a culture in the beginnings it used to be considered just as phenomena. It used to be created by the Mark Dary in 1194. He wrote all his observations in his essay named “Black to the Future” about the black people. This culture is definitely based on the science fiction. It was idea about the black people that they have no role closer to the contribution in society. They didn’t have any vision, but sometime later the black humans combine and laid the foundation of their personal culture in which they could have their own identity.

The member of this culture is American, African who was in the complex of black and white. A famous writer Octavia Butler gave popularity to this culture through her writing skills. She tried to demonstrate the working of Black people by using her writing skills. In the beginning, the opportunities were handover to the white people regardless the fact that how many talented the black people are. It was first started to happen in a movie “Twenty Eight Days Later”, when the main character was played by a black person. It was seemed very surprised that the main role was played by an African American. Because of the involvement of black people in this culture, the white people were dominant over the black people.


The future of this culture was not that much bright in the beginning, but now they are becoming popular by availing different opportunities. It was basically the association of Africans in America that they moved because they want their own representation as a culture in the world. In the 18th century, the black people had no rights as like the white people even they didn’t have the proper opportunities to make themselves a better person. All the good opportunities were availed by the white people regardless the fact they are in office, film, music or anywhere. Then the black people thought they just had to do something so that they can avail the opportunities in the future and will become able to recognize them in the world. They started to build their own culture and they become successful. They used the social media for making their publicity like YouTube. This culture was not based on any pre-existing culture. Sun Ra is considered as the basic founder of Afrofuturism. As he was attached to this culture so he favors this culture a lot.

There is a land

Whose being is almost unimaginable to the

Human mind.

On a clear day,

We stand there and look farther than the

The ordinary eye can see.

Far above the roof of the world,

We can encompass vistas of the worlds.

There is a land

Where the sun shines eternally . . .

Eternally eternal:

Out in outer space

There is no need to describe its splendor.

The member of this culture is basically traditionally dressed as like the people of America because basically they are considered as their subpart. The dressing of men is of genes and shirts whereas the females usually used to wear skirts. There are few things that are common in the Afrofuturism culture related to the dressing.

Dress Practices

They usually used to wear the headdress with a wig. When they published any pop music, they are dressed with unique style to attract their audience and to make their performance better. They believe that the dressing is very important for any occasion like going to a church, wedding or at some party. They have a special dressing for their servant also at home, even for the prisoners also. That’s why they follow the traditional dressing on every occasion. Their dressing is also linked with the Africans in some instances because they also have links with them. They follow the latest fashion so we can say that indeed, they are style conscious in case of dressing.

Political / Economical Stances

For the development of them in the nation, they also need some political and economic support. In the beginning, they started to make their culture through popular music. For making their political association strong, the political support was also provided to them. This support helps them to develop a relationship between the nation and the political parties. After this, they will get able to get their matters to the government and can make their problems solved. As their position was also not the strongest in the nation because the white people are dominant over them. So for identifying them as a separate culture, they also get some political support. It can be said that there was a strong relationship between the nation and the politics that make the reason behind their success.

(Bennett, 2016)

Some economic support was also compulsory for them for making their different identification. It was also not possible for them to grow without any financial support. They need a proper structure for them and for this, some financial aid was also required. Some political workers that were involved with the black people, gave them financial aid and do some investment. This financial help of the investors insists the political parties to allow them to do what they want and make their individual identity.

Cultural Activities

They try to demonstrate the problem that they were facing at that time they try to convey it to the higher authorities that they need the improvement for themselves. The people who can do investment from them gave them financial support. This thing makes the political parties active and they started to give concern to the development of black people. They are not too much politics at all as they are not too much involved in the politics. As this is a culture based on science fiction, that’s why they try to represent their themes and ideas using their dressing somehow. They have some artistic nature that makes them look stylish. Even the people started to like the Afrofuturism and the time is coming when it will become more and more popular.

The activities of Afrofuturism are getting popular because of the fact that it is based on the science fiction which is getting popular day by day. They are starting to get involved in all the opportunities. They are acting as a leading role in the movies like in “Twenty Eight Days Later”. They are getting popular in the music industry by making the pop music.


So, at the end, it can be concluded that the Afrofuturism culture is getting popular. They faced many difficulties, but now they have a good present with a bright future. In the beginning it was started as the phenomena, but later it become a complete culture.


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