About Ultra-Capacitors


At present, the invention of the ultra-capacitors has raised a great deal of interest as well as uncertainty in the electrical industry. Various makers of adjustable-speed drives, uninterrupted power supplies, and fuel cells are shown to be quite focused as it comes to the usage of the inherent advantages of ultra-capacitors, with the goal of creating improved items (Deng, Foo, & Bhattacharya, 2014, pp. 1-5).

Advantages of Ultra-capacitors in Aviation

There are a number of reasons why ultra-capacitors have recently proved to be desirable sources of energy in the aviation sector, in particular because of their advantages. Some of the benefits comprise faster recharging whereby they recharge within seconds, they last for a long time, they are very efficient, light to carry and they are also less volatile in comparison to the use of batteries. With the use of ultra-capacitors, a variety of electrically propelled aircraft has been flying whereby there is zero-emissions electric aircraft. This is achieved through the innovations that are being made in the ultra-capacitors with the aim being to take advantage of the many benefits associated with the use of the device (Deng, Foo, & Bhattacharya, 2014, pp. 1-5).

Role of Ultra-capacitors in Aircraft Electrical Systems

Ultra-capacitors are greatly being used in the field of aviation in order to try and meet the evolving needs when it comes to the electric aircraft. Ultra-capacitors are highly changing aircraft electrical systems in a variety of ways. The first way involves improving the transmission line stability in the transmission system achieved by adding energy storage which helps in dampening oscillation through the successive generation as well as the absorption of real power. The other way is on spinning reserve which implies to the generation capacity that in normal cases a utility holds in reserve with the aim being to prevent any kind of service interruptions in the aircraft just in case there is a failure in the power source (Brewer, 2014). The other way Ultra-capacitors are changing aircraft electrical systems is the integration of various design issues as there are a number of key factors that are put into consideration in their design and integration in comparison to lead-acid batteries as well as electrolytic capacitors. Some of these factors comprise of size, availability, efficiency, self-discharge rate, cost among some other critical aspects. The other way involves the incorporation of the Ultra-capacitors where sources of energy such as batteries cannot be used with the major objective being to make sure that there are efficiency and reliability in aircraft electrical systems.

Future Applications in Aviation

Due to the use of Ultra-capacitors in aircraft electrical systems, there are a number of benefits that may be experienced particularly when it comes to the future applications in the field of aviation. One of the benefits is to make sure that aircraft engine is turned off and on when the aircraft lands and also the accessory loads are met from the electric energy storage (Brewer, 2014). The other benefit is that Ultra-capacitors help make sure that they provide a higher value of energy storage density when it comes to the applications that require a longer battery operating life.


In conclusion, the use of Ultra-capacitors in the field of aviation is significantly rising due to the many benefits brought about by their use. Some of these benefits comprise of faster recharging, long lasting, high efficiency and being less bulky. Ultra-capacitors are changing aircraft electrical systems by improving line stability, integration of various design issues, and also their incorporation to where batteries cannot be used.


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Deng, Y., Foo, S. Y., & Bhattacharya, I. (2014, March). Regenerative electric power for more electric aircraft, 1-5.

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