About The Shallow in the Deep

The Jeffersonian crew is tasked with identifying the skeletons recovered from a shipwreck that was a slave ship headed for New Orleans in Bones’ Season 6, Episode 6. The gang had the benefit of having the ship’s manifest, which contained the vital information about the slaves. A skeleton that appeared to be that of a ten-year-old boy with a combination of Caucasoid and Negroid features was also discovered in the wreck, and Angela recognized him from the manifest. Daisy understands that the skeleton she was constructing was that of a lady who was five feet tall and appeared to be in her 40s. Her age and size were associated with her clearly defined symphyseal rim and the ectocranial suture closure. Dr. Saroyan found a skull that had pink stuff attached to it. Brennan establishes that the person had been punched in the mouth owing to the presence of penetrating trauma to the cribriform plate and the palatine bones and the from the cartilage condition of the skeleton, it could be deduced that the person had not been dead for a long time.

The abrasion found by Brennan on the pisiform of one of the slaves was an indication of manipulation while Hodgin was trying to identify the pink organism. The slave is estimated to be in his twenties when he died with numerous injuries to his skeleton inflicted when he was still young an indication of child abuse on the victim. However, his face reconstruction matched Liam Maloney’s which was interpreted that the victim had stolen Mike Caspers’ identity.

Daisy identified another slave from the ship when Booth and Brennan went to check out the Caspers. The slave was identified as Henry Beaufort, 25-year-old, sharing the first name with Dr. Saroyan’s great grandmother. From the skeletons, Daisy was able to identify OSE Dax mucofloris associated to the abrasions on the anterior parts of the long bones. In the film, Brennan and Booth try to track down a friend to the victim working as a cougar cruise and finds themselves at the herring of maggots..

It later surfaces that the Claire Casper was the woman that Liam was last seen with according to the captain of the cruise. More events meet the daylight when Claire agrees that she killed Liam accidentally. She says that it was not her intention to kill Liam though they struggled a little. Claire could not help it and stabbed him with a fishhook for calling her old. The episode ends with the new exhibit chronicling Amalia Rose with Angela’s facial drawing and the readings of the manifest by Dr. Saroyan.


In the episode, Daisy guesses that the woman she was working on her skeleton was in her 40s at the time she met her death in relation to the lipping of some degree of suture closure and the symphyseal rim. In a real sense, she would have given a score and a specified range by not basing her conclusion on one reference point which is the ectocranial suture closure.

Some argument by Brennan seemed vague for example, she noted abrasions on the skeleton of another pisiform which is not clear since the pisiform was recovered two centuries ago from the wreck of the ship and thus dinky. Brennan then makes a conclusion that the abrasions on the pisiform were signs that the slave was manacled which seemed not correct because if the identification of slaves was that easy in the bioarchaeological record, then some of the roman slaves could have been identified by now.

Facial reconstruction of Angela was to some extent good but age regression technique is necessary also in the actual face reconstruction to that are not dead ringes in the victim in order to come up with an exceptionally look alike reconstruction

There was a recent discovery of the Hodgins’ weird pink worm which is said to feast on the bones of dead whales. The discovery was made in the Atlantic meaning there was a dead whale which nobody noticed or may be a multiple number of dead whales since it is assumed that the organism has always to find another dead whale immediately after finishing with one.

It also defeats reasoning that there was a shipwreck that was well reserved at the D.C coast that had not been found with anybody before. Finally, it is not quite understandable why an attempt is always made to estimate sex from the children’s remains.


For a more realistic, the following recommendations should be adhered to for the making of the portrayal of forensic scientists and anthropologists.

The forensic mystery should be given enough time unlike in the episode where most of the time is spent on the shipwreck. The mystery of how Liam was killed by a fishhook is not clear since the episode seemed to spin its wheel for some moments.

The forensic solution should be focused on. In the show, everything revolving forensic was great with even the facial reconstruction but was washed by the uninteresting parts such as the pink worm which was not real.

There should be a forensic drama in such a show which was missing. No sense of danger was realized with only a single herring in regards to the murder.

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