About patriotism

Patriotism and its Definition

Patriotism is described as a love directed towards one's homeland to serve and protect, to help, to be motivated by, to be steered to improve it for the better, and to deeply care for one's fellow citizens. In America, for example, many people expressed their support for their country after September 11th by giving blood, joining the army, and wearing their country's colors, among other items. They were expressing their patriotism for their country by doing so. Notably, patriots often follow their country's authorities, interests, and laws; moreover, this does not suggest that citizens should blindly agree with what the figures of authority claim. Additionally, patriotism does not demand encouragement but rather should be embraced throughout the person’s lifetime; besides, being a patriot means that people are proud of their origin and depict love for their fellow individuals regardless of being natives of particular countries or not. Indeed, patriotism does not embrace hatred for foreigners or even think that certain nations are strong or better.

Critical Perspective on Patriotism

On the far end, there are some cases that loyalty to a country is seen as a superstitious aspect that is artificially crafted and maintained via a network of lies and falsehoods. It is also depicted as a superstition, which robs citizens off their dignity and self-respect while augmenting conceit and arrogance. In this regard, rather than being an immense love for the nation, proponents of this resolve perceive patriots as those blinded by the government. In essence, they implicate that patriots often cope with any ideologies of the government when they are showcased in a way that concerns their respective nations. Similarly, those that do not believe in the conception of patriotism often imply that patriotic citizens demand allegiance towards their flag and that they are ready to sacrifice anything for their nation. In fact, the US is a perfect example towards elucidating this notion; after the September 11 incidence, several people signed up to take duties in the Army so that they can fight for their country without knowing what exactly they were doing.

Underpinning Principles of Patriotism

Several principles underpin the concept of patriotism; as such, a true patriot must be aligned towards upholding the fundamental values that define them. In his article that appeared on the Huffington Post on July 5, 2016, Reich (1) asserts that there are five core doctrines to define patriotism and in that matter a patriot. Firstly, Reich denoted that true patriotism does not mean waving the flag, securing the borders, keeping other people out or putting up walls; but rather, it revolves around coming together to vouch for a common goal. Additionally, Reich indicates that patriotism is not a cheap ideology; he implicates that the notion demands taking a share a fair with regards to the burdens of keeping a country going. It is all about paying taxes and not avoiding them while squirreling money abroad, it is not only about voting, but being politically active in volunteering energy and time to improving ones country.

Preserving and Fortifying Democracy

Thirdly, being loyal to a country means that one is ready to preserve, fortify, and protect the democracy; in fact, it is not about inundating big monies to buy politicians. It is all about defending the people’s rights to vote while making sure that their voices are heard. On the same note, it is import to denote that patriots never hate their countries; they are often proud of them and recognize that governments are tools to helping them solve problems as a team. However, the loyalists might not like all the things done by the incumbent government; they indicate justifiable reasons to worry when particular interests harness too much power. In essence, patriots work towards improving their nations. The fifth principle, according to Reich (1), ascertains that loyalists never pander to acrimony. They do not embrace religious, racist, or ethnic divisions; besides, they are not sexists or homophobic; instead, they seek to strengthen and confirm as well as celebrate the togetherness among a country.

Benefits and Social Cohesion of Patriotism

Patriotism, according to O’Meara (1), garners health benefits; for instance, taking national pride bolsters an individual’s wellbeing. Further, a person that connects respect with nationalism for the country’s values and institutions as opposed to religion and race showcases contentment. A research conducted by Wright and Reeskens affirmed that civic nationalists are happier compared to other kinds of patriots (O’Meara 1). Notably, these researchers implicated that ethnic nationalists have wanting levels of wellbeing when equated to those civic nationalists that take lowest pride; indeed, patriotism positively correlates with wellbeing. Moreover, true loyalism connotes significant layoffs with regard to social cohesion that bolsters support towards welfare as well as other redistributive strategies.


Conclusively, being a nationalist has two core segments including that of supporting one’s country from the lens of religion and racial aspects as well as through respect for laws and institutions. As evinced, true patriotism is underpinned by five principles including coming together to vouch for a common goal, taking a fair share of the country’s burdens, being proud of and recognizing the government as a tool to solve problems as a team, and seeking to strengthen, confirm, and celebrate togetherness. Besides, doing so brings forth health benefits and social cohesion.

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