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Free healthcare ii primarily offered by the national government, where the government offers free hospital and out-patient services for residents. The provision of free healthcare has its positives and drawbacks both for the economies of a nation and for the people provided with free healthcare (Bell, 2008). These benefits and drawbacks have posed a lot of arguments whether it is wiser for the government to provide health care free of charge or not. Nevertheless, free healthcare remains an essential and critical consideration for the life of a stable and prosperous society in a country. The provision of free healthcare provides the extension of care to the citizens of a country (Cook, 2015). This is because in a country not all citizens who can afford to pay for the health service so the provision of healthcare provides an opportunity for those citizens who cannot afford to pay for their health services. Also the government is in a better position to provide some of the facilities which are used in provision of the services and the facilities can end up extending the care to it citizens (Bell, 2008).

Reduction of medical cost in a country. This is because the government will provide the health facilities with medicines and equipment’s needed to provide good healthcare to the citizens. This greatly reduces the cost of medication in a country (Qu X, 2007). Also because of the tendency of private sector to be highly inflated the government will induce regulations and guidelines which will set the cost of seeking medication in a county. The government can also provide some insurance premiums reducing the cost of medication in a country

There is increased economy in a country that provides free healthcare for people are in a position to access the health services. This leads to a better economy in a country as the citizens will be productive. (Qu X, 2007). Economy of a country depends on the productivity of its citizens Free health care also leads to an increased life span in country this means the citizens with great minds will be in a position to provide their services for a long term this will definitely boost the economy of a country.

Bell (2008) it improves the public health of a country this is because the citizen will be able to get treatment for basic condition, when the citizens get the treatment of a basic condition they may end up stopping the spread of infectious diseases and other common problems (Cook, 2015).This may not be the case when they are paying for the health care as they will ignore these basic conditions which may be infectious. Also because every member of the society is in a position to get free health care it leads to the reduction of the population who are ill

Increased taxation and national debt, the provision of these services is expensive this strains the government and in some cases it may not achieve it without implementing some strategies (Cook, 2015). For the government to raise these large amount of money it end up raising the taxes which it collects from its citizens. In some cases the taxes collected may not be enough to provide free health care this calls for the government to borrow money from the word bank this leads to the increase of the national debt. This is one of the major arguments by the people who are against the provision of free health care

It discourages competition and innovation. The provision of free health care may end up discouraging the innovation of better ways to provide health services. The lack of completion will lead to entrepreneur becoming reluctant as they is no free will in the economy. It may also reduce the amount of salary the doctors of a country earn reducing the passion of students who wants to pursue medicine. This can be a dangerous problem to a country as in the long run the number of doctors will reduce significantly creating a shortage.

Longer waits time: when the government provides free health care to it citizens it may end up putting it citizens to longer waits in the hospitals. This is because the healthcare is extended to every one which may cause the citizens to be used as too often. The health personnel’s may lack the passion and urgency to attend to the citizens because of the low salaries which come hand in hand with free health care. This will cause the patients to wait for a very long time before they are attended to (Bell, 2008).

Arguments to whether the government should provide free health services to its citizens may not come to an end very soon. This is because of the advantages and dis advantages of free health care for all (Cook, 2015). Putting into consideration that the government should provide for it citizens and the many benefits associated with the free health care for all then one can easily say that free healthcare is important in a country and the government should provide it.


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