About domestic violence crimes

Fear of retaliation, social norms, and financial or psychological reliance on the perpetrator are some of the explanations given for why domestic violence cases are not reported. (Payne & Wermeling 2009). In order to raise the number of reported cases, community sensitization is crucial. To assist in community mobilization, authorities should work in collaboration with other experts like doctors and peer counselors, among others.

Additionally, domestic violence crimes must have mandatory minimum sentences, just like drug trafficking. It will make it possible to decide on cases as the gathering of proof becomes necessary. Variables that needed examination other than unemployment

and race to ensure validity of the research as per the reading of MDVE and Replication Studies

During the research, numerous variables needed consideration so as to enhance the rationality. The diversity of the variables studied was important to enable a certain outcome. Background of the offender is an example. According to research, the majority of the offenders probably experienced an instance of violence in their lives while growing up (Kaur & Garg, 2008). Thus, such acts progress throughout their lives as it’s the only conflict resolution mechanism they understand.

The other variable is the level of drug and substance abuse. Many of the cases reported were as a result of drug addiction. It ranges from spousal violence, rape or any other physical assault. Such acts are aggravated by drugs and substances as reported.

Bias and ill trust by legal institutions are other variables. Police, judges and other agencies tasked with the mandate of investigating the crimes tend to downplay domestic violence as an offense. Officers tend to be hostile to the victims and grant them ill-treatment. Besides, perpetrators are never prosecuted thereby lightly handling the matter. Among those, other variables include cynicism of law enforcement officers and prioritization of other crimes by the state and federal governments.

3. Should victims be given alternatives to criminal justice interventions for services or they should be a supplement?

Criminal justice responses for services should be a supplement to the victims. It's because the Federal government provides support to some programs. They include social services and programs providing legal aid, counseling, and assistance to criminal justice involvement. The bodies representing the victims’ cater for the legal suits, and voice out concerns on police failure while dealing with domestic violence cases (Kaur & Garg, 2008). The organizations receiving the proceeds need to ensure they advance the welfare of the victims. Care of those affected, confidence, and knowledge in legal activities need to assist victims to recover from the victimization.

4. Policy recommendations to improve on victim reporting of domestic violence cases

One of the recommendations would be the need to ensure law enforcement agencies adopt policies that treat the matter seriously (Gracia, 2004). Circumstances around the issue should be a reliable indicator for arrest. The victim-offender relationship need not be an obstacle in the investigative process. Police are the best authorities to handle such issues since they have the capability and mechanisms.

Legislations are of essence to enable the victims to have numerous channels to provide testimonies. They include videos, audio or any other automated way. Since the victims suffer from fear based on empirical statistics conducted as they have to confront the offenders (Gracia, 2004). Such ways would ensure that they lessen the victims’ fear and result in amplified contributions.

Other recommendations include improving the criminal system to enable victims to play a significant role in the criminal judicial course. Professionals engaging in criminal impartiality should have a comprehensive understanding of state case laws and legislation on use and submission of victim’s statements.

Summarizing, domestic violence is an issue that deserves serious attention and consideration. Institutions need to come together to tackle the matter and provide a remedy. What's more, proper legislations need to be put in place to crucially determine the subject.


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