About Dictatorship in Venezuela

Venezuela's Dictatorship

My presentation is about Venezuela's dictatorship. During my investigation, I was able to determine how Hugo Chavez, the country's current president, began his reign. I was also able to obtain information about the country's present economic and political situation. Finally, I identified some viable solutions to the oppressive era.

Chavez's Rise to Power

I discovered that Chavez's reign began when Paul Baduel assisted in restoring him to power. He had already been forced to resign following a slaughter of protestors in Caracas. If Baduel had realized what would happen to him, he would not have helped him. I learned that later Chavez had his helper put in prison because he opposed the president's plan to abolish term limits.

Economic Devastation

Under the bad leadership of Chavez, the economy of Venezuela has weakened significantly. I found that the poverty rates have risen to thirty-two percent, from eighteen percent in 1998. Notably, Chavez came to power during that year. I realized that the president has slashed imports and ruined international relations. The medical sector is also destroyed, thus the infant mortality rates have increased. Additionally, there are unnecessary deaths caused by lack of essential medication.

Demolished Democratic Structure

The political arena is also in shambles since Chavez demolished the democratic structure. He also used force and corruption to nullify the parliament. The lack of a strong opposition has also diminished the hopes of salvation for the country. In fact, I found out that all talks to restore the nation have failed, as the president is unwilling to collaborate with any of the negotiators.

Potential Solutions

Given the current situation, I feel that the best solution to this situation is the application of diplomatic pressure. The United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world. As such, it should join forces with other Latin American countries to try to dethrone Chavez. The Venezuelan locals should also be encouraged to fight for their freedom.

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