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The definition of a race in the United States of America has never been entirely clear. It has long made an effort to create both a state and a nation made up of many tribes. This includes Muslims, Christians, and people of all races. However, it has been noted that America’s feeling of nationalism is reportedly evolving unevenly as an increasing number of people from varied racial backgrounds are gradually assimilated within its borders. The phrase “Hawaii’s Last Queen” refers to a superb American documentary that explores the intricate tale of how Americans came to rule Hawaii and the crucial role that Queen Liliuokolani played in that process. The documentary outlines the events and intrigues that led to the Queen’s loss of sovereignty. The Queen was a strong-willed individual, and the most educated people person in Hawaii. However, she only assumed throne after her vacillating brother had ruled poorly. The film tends to document racial relations between Americans and Hawaiian’s.
The political shift in Hawaii is seen to have shifted slowly to the Americans. This is because; the Hawaiian’s were slowly assimilated into the American culture. For instance, the Americans administered Queen Lilioukiliani’s childhood school (Anna, 2006). As a result, some of her beliefs and customs were adopted from the American culture. One of the foreign influences was the manner in which the queen was forced by Americans to hand over her rights to Hawaii. This is because; she had the impression that Americans would bring a positive change in Hawaii by righting the numerous wrongs existing in the country, and that at the end of it all her power would be restored. However, the Americans failed to fulfill this promise.
Race relations refer to the various ways in which individuals of different race live together and interact with one another in the same community. Americans interacted with Hawaiian’s giving them the opportunity to gain political power through several ways. Firstly, there is the use of missionaries. The film tends to document in a clear manner the ways in which the American missionaries came over and forced Christianity and the American culture onto the Hawaii people. For instance, Queen Lilioukiliani was raised in American culture through schooling. As a result, the missionaries considered her normal. However, for the typical and every day Hawaiian’s this was a major change (Anna, 2006). The Americans robbed them of their values and made it difficult for them to express their concerns.
The Americans gained economic and political power for different reasons further demonstrating race relations between Americans and Hawaiian’s. Firstly, the Hawaiian King normally turned to the American missionaries for advice. As a result, the Americans played a crucial and pivotal role in Hawaii. This is by introducing Christianity, banning the Huala as well as building of schools for the elite families. In addition, the Americans also had the Bayonet constitution that stripped the Hawaiian’s monarchy of its constitutional powers and later replaced the cabinet with different members from the businessmen’s party. The race relations between the Americans and Hawaiians were full of tension. For instance, it was unfair the manner in which the Americans treated the Queen. They forcefully took over the thrown at gun point. In addition, they also imprisoned her for no apparent reason and secluded her from the rest of the society. In the end she died a frustrated and disappointed person because the Hawaiian’s were colonized by the Americans.
The race relations and intentions of the Americans to the people of Hawaii can be described as debauched. This is because; the American people had the aim of exploiting the Hawaiian’s economy. The Americans can in this case demonstrated deceit and there was some form of foul play involved. The Americans colonized the people of Hawaii with the excuse that they were not religious and civilized. However, this form of race relations had numerous disadvantages. Firstly, there was loss of culture for the people of Hawaii because the Americans were trying to impose their own values and customs on them. Another disadvantage is the brutality demonstrated by the Americans. Queen Lilioukiliani’s was detained away from the rest of the society and also stripped of her powers. As a result, the Hawaii people lost their independence. In addition, the Americans also took over the economic and political control over the territory further adding to their teething troubles.
In conclusion, it is evident that the film tends to document the race relations between Americans and Hawaiian’s. The Queen tends to tell her feelings and thoughts through her diary giving her perspectives of what transpired between the two nations. The film shows the manner in which race relations can be beneficial as well as catastrophic in some instances. For instance; the Hawaiians were able to obtain quality education as a result of school construction for the elite families by the Americans. However, the race relations with Americans also proved disastrous because the Hawaiians lost their sovereignty, economic and political power. In addition, they were also stripped of their cultural as well as religious values. As a result they were forced to adopt the American culture.

Anna D. S (2006). America’s Experience: Hawaii’s last Queen. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/WuKLYVLJa4

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