A literature review analysis

The Goal of a Literature Review Analysis

The goal of a literature review analysis is to improve the reader's comprehension of the ideas covered in the review. The literature study is titled Why Do We Keep Losing Nurses in This Context? The subject, themes, and study methodology will all be thoroughly examined through this analysis, along with other elements of the literature review.

The Study's Subject: Why Do We Keep Losing Nurses?

The study's subject is: Why do we keep losing nurses? This article focuses in particular on the issue of why nurses are abandoning the field of work in an increasingly progressive manner. The author was mainly trying to discover the primary cause(s) why there are fewer and fewer nurses today in the profession as well as why these trend will predictably continue in the foreseeable future.

Prominent Theme: Shortage of Nurses Worldwide

The prominent theme in the literature review is the shortage of nurses worldwide. Some of the ideas that the author brings up attribute this shortage to organizational and individual factors. Organizational factors include: social support, work demands, commitment, culture, and work environment. Alternatively, individual factors encompass: burnout, demographic factors, and job satisfaction (Goodare, 2017).

Research Methodology: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

The author clearly states his initial interest in adopting a research methodology that comprises both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Ultimately, his chosen research design was exploratory. Regarding data collection, utilized electronic sources, and precisely, PubMed, Medline via PubMed, and Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). Majority of the selected articles had utilized semi-structured interviews and surveys to collect data. Ultimately, the author selected 22 articles as sources of information. The research is seemingly complete as the methodology process was extensive. However, it raises the pertinent question of: what can be done about this situation? or How can we tackle the shortage of nurses effectively?

A Real Concern: Shortage of Nurses

Several studies concur that the problem is shortage of nurses is a real concern. However, the conflict arises whereby various researchers address this problem from the perspective of a looming occurrence as opposed to a present concern in the nursing profession. The current study asserts that the shortage of nurses is a problem right now and not merely a concern that can be expected to occur.

Author's Credentials

The author has commendable credentials. Apart from having a credible educational background, his experience in the field of medicine and nursing validates his authority on this matter. The single identifiable citation of this study is on HealthInfo Blog whereby the audience is actually advised to read this article as it provides reliable insight on why nurses are continually leaving the profession.

Statement of Scope

This provides an evaluation of citations that provide illustrations of the reasons why shortage of nurses is a global concern today. The reasons that the author provides in this article offer a practical perspective of why we keep losing nurses and why this problem is unlikely to resolve itself in the near future.


Goodare, P. (2017). Why do we continue to lose our nurses? Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing. 34(4), 50-56.

Overview of the Article

The article primarily provides a literature review on the reasons for the current shortage of nurses in the nursing profession. It provides an overview of the problem of nurses leaving the profession at an alarming rate. The author proceeds to provide a variety of possible reasons for this occurrence in accordance with the information acquired from his research study. For instance, he mentions that there are individual and organizational factors that contribute to nurses' departure from the profession. The author mostly places the blame for the shortage of nurses on the institution. He dictates that nurses should receive better treatment and consideration from the organizations for which they work.


Goodare, P. (2017). Why do we continue to lose our nurses? Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing. 34(4), 50-56.

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