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Lt. Daniel Lindsay emailed me on Monday, August 21, 2017, inviting me to a meeting in the Chief’s conference room at 0730 hours on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. As advised, I met with Chief Sean Ladson and Lt. Daniel Lindsay on that date and time. On June 29, 2017, Chief Ladson told me that I was being discharged due to my previous employment experience and the incident that I helped with the prosecution of. I had no documentation explaining why I was being discharged. When I asked Lt., Daniel Lindsay, if I was going to get a separation notice, he said he would get one to me later.
Chief Ladson advised that I had violated a person’s 4th Amendment rights by going into a hotel room to look for a wanted subject without a search warrant. I explained to him that I was following the directive of my supervisor (Sergeant Tom Rogers). Chief Ladson then told me that was not the information I had in my documentation, and since I was still on probation, he was terminating my employment.

Despite his reasons, I still believe that I was discharged because of my African American race and gender. Chief Ladson stated that the deciding factor for him was due to the incident that occurred on June 29th. However, there was three of us Sergeant Tom Rogers (Caucasian Male), Officer Tim Wilson (Caucasian Male) and myself (African American Female). While it is true that I entered the room after the hotel owner opened the door, Sergeant Tom Rogers and Officer Tim Wilson entered the room as well. Before we approached the hotel, Sgt. Tom Rogers had formulated a plan of action. His plan of measures was to meet at Goody’s (Clothing Store parking lot) before going to the hotel. The planned called for me to provide him with coded words over the radio that would indicate the location of the wanted suspect. At no point did Sgt. Rogers mention in his plan of action that we were to obtain a search warrant. Nevertheless, I proceeded as directed.

As at now, Sergeant Tom Rogers’s remains employed at Moultrie Police Department. Tim Wilson was promoted to Sergeant, and I am dismissed. This termination was rendered because I am a highly educated African American female. Also, during the meeting, Chief Ladson commented on my education status several times stating that he thinks that I am very educated. I do have two Associate Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree with a minor in Sociology, A Master’s Degree and I am currently working on my Doctorates Degree.

When I was rehired with the Moultrie Police Department on May 8th, two Caucasian males (Tim Wilson, and James White) were also rehired on that same date. All of us were pre-serviced Officers and all having worked previously with the Moultrie Police Department started at the same pay rate $13.44 hourly, with the understanding that when we completed the FTO program, we would receive compensation consideration for our education, and in-service certification training. Tim Wilson and James White did receive their payment after completing the FTO program. I was informed that I had to wait until the new budget cycle to receive my compensation consideration. Because of my extensive educational background and having possessed numerous training certifications, my benefits would have allowed me to exceed the hourly pay rate of a number of my colleagues, supervisors, and mid-mangers pay rate.

Since rejoining the Moultrie Police Department on May 8, 2017, I have been consistently harassed by Lt. Rocky Hancock because of my race. On June 19, 2017, I was accused of having a Jet Pack that was missing, but it was later discovered that someone else had it. On June 23rd, 2017, I was given a letter of commendation by Lieutenant Hancock for an event Moultrie Police Department hosted (Stuff the Cruiser). However, my name was incorrectly spelled on my award letter; therefore, I discretely brought this to Lt. Hancock’s attention. Lieutenant Hancock informed me that he would correct it and provide me with a new one, which I never received. I followed up with him by sending an e-mail as a reminder on July 31, 2017, but I did not get a response. On Aug. 2, 2017, Lieutenant Hancock accused me of not documenting a traffic stop which I notified Colquitt E-911 that I issued a verbal warning and this was documented into Colquitt E-911 CAD. Lieutenant Hancock stated that I violated departmental policies during this traffic stop, but failed to indicate which policy I violated. On Aug. 4, 2017, he canceled my FTO (Field Training Officer) training class without cause. On Aug 9, 2017, I was advised by Lieutenant Hancock to clarify a report about a tactic that I used to gain compliance of an irate male. On a consistent basis, I am tormented by Lieutenant Hancock.

On Aug. 11, 2017, I was informed by Lieutenant Daniel Lindsay to meet with Sergeant Carla Davis (Caucasian Female/ Investigator) who stated that I made an extensive amount of errors in an accident report that I completed and approved by my patrol Sergeant Eric Hill (African American Male) on 07/06/2017. According to Sergeant Davis, the massive errors should have been corrected, and I must change my work hours abruptly to do so. I am scheduled to work 6:45pm-7:00 am; however, because Sergeant Carla Davis wanted my schedule to change, it was considered so two days following my scheduled shift. I was to come in at 9 pm until 9 am to do the correction. However, Sergeant Davis arrived late causing me to be delay over additional three hours for correction which I was told would not take too long. Also, she had the information that I was to correct the entire time but refused to provide me with the accurate details because she wanted me to do my investigation. Hours later she proved to me that she had obtained a warrant to gather the information. I asked her how I was supposed to collect that information if she had to get a warrant. Eventually, Sergeant Carla Davis provided me the information that she intentionally withheld. Because of her tardiness and refusal to provide me with the correct information, I missed seeing my kids due to being lethargic from this incident. Therefore, the last 16 weeks of my employment at the Moultrie Police Department have been the most devastating and detrimental weeks of my life.

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