A learning Experience

I was excited during that summer holiday and was once determined to know how to swim since I had feared all alongside in my growing up. This time I was resolute and ready to study given that I had missed a lot with my friends all who thrived in swimming. I would not deliver myself to telling them of my incapability. Thus, I chose to make good use of my holiday with the aid of training consistently. It was an exciting experience, of route with its perks.
The first day was enjoyable in the water with all the strength and dedication to overcome my fears. I was all set for a journey of no return overcoming all the obstacles that came my way. Since I was to go for the swimming lessons on alternate days, I thought the second day would be great to relax. Nonetheless, the day was hard and arduous; my body felt foreign as my muscles were hurting and I felt drained. By the second visit, I was unwilling to go to the swimming as I feared that my body would get worse. However, I was surprised by the power of positive words since my mother that morning woke up and wrote me a sweet note. She congratulated me on my new skill I was learning and stated she looked forward to a good report in the evening regarding my training. My mind was set on a course, and I felt rejuvenated and psyched up to go to the swimming class. My trainer also found great delight in giving me some stretching exercises to allow the muscles to adjust quickly.

In two weeks’ time, my confidence was all developed, my muscles were all adapted and my motivation to learn other skills enhanced. I realized that my mind had the power to dictate the course of events and whatever I allowed determined my course of action. Through positive mental energy, I was able to attain something incredible.

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