A genetically modified organism (GMO)

A genetically modified organism (GMO)

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is a microbe, animal, or plant whose genome has been modified by a genetic modification technique. In agriculture, GMOs are typically designed to exhibit hybrid characteristics, especially enhanced commodity shelf life, tolerance to harsh weather conditions, pests and herbicides, and increased nutritional benefit. Typically, the information gained through deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), genetic blueprints, and how it functions are the driving factors utilized for scientists to develop changed species (Todd 3). In this view, the researchers usually identify a hybrid gene, isolate it and then transplant it to another organism to inherit similar characteristics to that of the donor. In this view, I choose food issues allowing genetically modified organisms to be sold because of their many underlying benefits to the human population.

Higher vitamin content and minerals in GM crops

Genetically modified crops contain higher vitamin content and minerals than their organic counterparts. In this regard, The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United States has proven that most GMOs are more nutritious than natural foods (Dick 3 ).This study further attested that GM foods have a higher content of specific nutrients that are beneficial to the human population. In a different research, Kurt confirmed that GM foods contain all useful elements that are engineered by the introduction of the specific genes, and the product can be used to address the malnutrition problems in the developing nations (3). Notably, GM foods are designed to improve quality, taste, and nutritional value, an effort that has made human existence more bearable. For instance, crops such as potatoes have been modified to enhance texture, even redistribution of starches, and reduce the rate of fat assimilation. Moreover, Ira affirmed that golden rice, a product of genetic engineering has more iron and beta-carotene that benefits consumers in malnourished regions (2). Therefore, from a nutritional perspective, it is fundamentally necessary that GM foods should be sold to people.

Resistance to diseases, insects, extreme weather conditions, and chemical sprays

Genetically engineered foods are resistant to diseases, insects, extreme weather conditions, and chemical sprays, but the substance has no harm to humans. Todd explained that GM foods such soya beans and corns have an herbicide-resistant gene that creates "an immune" mechanism against the effects of the chemical herbicides in the farm (3). In an extensive view, the number of inorganic chemicals used to control weeds is significantly reduced (Dick 3). Ultimately, this maintains the beauty and biodiversity of the ecosystem since environmental pollution is sufficiently taken care. Additionally, the resistant gene in GM foods acts as a means of enhancing food security by making the crop hardy to adverse weather conditions. Arguably, this would help the growing nations to supplement diets for the population rather than relying on natural foods that are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and unpredictable climate change. Consequently, it is paramount that GMOs should be sold to humans, particularly in the form of planting materials, to address the current problems of food shortages around the globe.

Resistance to rotting while in the field

Genetically modified foods have also been found to be resistance to rotting while in the field. In particular, the "FlavrSavr" tomato that was engineered in 1993, and the first GMO product to be released in the market, was proven to be hardy (Kurt 2). It was found that this plant would take longer in the field before rotting following a delay in harvesting than "natural" tomatoes. In a broad view, this would be a profit to the farmer since the fruits can be harvested when the market prices are high to maximize the returns. However, other genetically modified foods such as bananas have produced using the similar technique and after ripening, they also take a substantial time before rotting. In this regard, it is evident that GMOs do not only have nutritional benefits but can also improve the financial position of the farmer. However, this does not imply natural foods should be avoided, but instead, GMOs can be used as a supplement rather than substitutes. Therefore, it is apparent that genetically modified organisms should be sold across the globe because their benefits are vast.


In summation, I am in consensus that genetically modified organisms should be sold because of their many underlying benefits to the human population. However, every coin has two sides, and genetically modified organisms have no exception. Notwithstanding some potential risks may hide behind GM foods, admittedly, the advantages of GMOs cannot be ignored. Some unpredictable impacts of GM foods may not be avoided, such as emerging diseases and environmental pollution because GM plants contain herbicide-resistant genes that may be spread to the weeds. Therefore, controlling such weeds require higher dosages of the herbicides which is detrimental the entire ecosystem. However, it is the new technology that improves the lives of human beings and brings more convenience than before. For instance, the high nutrients in GMOs help battle malnutrition in the population among the developing nations. Although GMOs' safety has not been proven, there is no doubt that GM foods have numerous benefits to humans and therefore, they should be sold.

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