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America is thought to be a country where one can become wealthy, and when one says they work in America, it is assumed that they are wealthy. It is often known that no one is unemployed and that everyone, regardless of where they work, leads a happy life.
It is sad that the majority of people flock to America in search of work in order to live a successful life. They don’t get the American dream, which promises to make everyone’s life richer, fuller, and more prosperous. People believe that only by going to America, they would become wealthy. It is vital to comprehend the fact that hard work is essential to achieving a better life. One can work during the day in a supermarket and end up in a restaurant working throughout and resting little so as to ensure they make life worthwhile. There can never be anything wrong with the issue of an individual working during the days and extend to a night shift. I have never seen someone in their comfort zones who sleep till the time they feel like and they get rich. However, optimistic one can be, they have no option but to work hard. Unfortunately, research shows that individuals who end up in the states with the aim of getting rich they tend to get frustrated. Additionally, there is an existing culture in different nations and unless an individual is ready to learn and embrace the culture of the nation they want to move they end up frustrated. Unfortunately, a lazy person remains to be lazy and can never run away from it and even if they went to the United States they may not get rich as they tend to think. America is therefore not a cure to poverty for any uncommitted individuals.

In conclusion, understanding what you want in life and your purpose in this world makes you rich. Pursing hard work and planning ahead makes someone realize their dream.

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