Why is this problem relevant to nursing?

To achieve patient satisfaction in an orthopedic care unit

The services provided and the medication used to accomplish the desired results must be monitored. First and foremost, you must comprehend orthopedic patients' difficulties in mobility and discomfort as a result of their procedures (Doi, Shimoda & Gibbons, 2014). As a result, when it comes to architectural design, the unit's planning will be critical. Migration from theaters to wards should be avoided by building them near together.

Customer service should be outstanding

From greeting customers to keeping the rooms clean. The rooms should be more welcoming as patients like feeling comfortable as that is where they spend most of their recovery time after the surgery (Schreiber et al. 2014). Comfortable furniture should be incorporated that even the family members can pay extended visits to hasten the process of recovery for the patients (Thomas et al. 2014).

Skilled staff that have knowledge in other medical fields

For example, cardiac play handy in ensuring smooth and successful procedures. Work closely with the physiotherapists as they can recommend the right exercises for the patient in order to hasten their recovery (Slatyer, Williams & Michael, 2015).

Patients' needs reassurance that someone is taking care of them

Hence, ensure that a nurse is checking on them every one to two hours. Be keen to listen to complaints as there may be an underlying issue that needs to be checked and rectified (Gerbershagen et al. 2013). Don't take all credit remember the non-medical personnel, for example, the housekeeping staff. Postoperative procures should closely examined to manage the acute pain in order to avoid more complications, for example, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications. This close examination will in turn, increase mobility and hasten recoveries.



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