Why Competition Summary

According to the article's creator, competition is unhealthy for a number of reasons. One explanation is that people who are on the same side have different orientations that are mutually exclusive: competition and cooperation. Second, he argues that when one side of competitors is excluded from any community, the inter-human component is discouraged. In the cutthroat business, they are instead viewed with disdain and mistrust. The author also emphasizes that the relationships portrayed in the locker areas do not make up for the negative aspects of rivalry. One of the characteristics of competition is that it disregards any other goals and values and context that may be placed on the competitive activity. For instance, in the case of a debate, the arguments, despite being compelling are not conceded. Therefore, the truth is not upheld in any of the arguments as veracity is not attributed in any of the sides. None of the team is interested in getting a full understanding of the topic at hand. Nevertheless, the author maintains that we should not deplore competition and condemn the players in any particular competition. He further argues that we continually engage in hypocrisy when we condone competitive orientation and yet decry the unethical exercises.

In conclusion, the author recommends that although competitors should be vigilant, some of the deceptive and unethical practices should be discouraged. Only after then can we attain balanced and richer lifestyles and explore more fulfilling humanistic capabilities. The first step to realizing a competition free society understands that the rivalry may cause psychological turmoil and that it cannot be philosophically justified. The phrase healthy competition is, therefore, a contradiction of terms.

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