Who Is Absalom?

Absalom was the third son of David, king of Israel. He was married to Macah, the daughter of Talmai, the king of Geshur. Despite his deceit and vengeful plot, Absalom still managed to be one of David's most popular sons. In fact, he was named after his father, David. Here's how we can learn about Absalom's personality and spirit.

Absalom spirit

The Jezebel spirit and the Absalom spirit are the opposites of each other, and their battle rages in every organization. The Jezebel spirit, on the other hand, is the one who lusts after leadership while the Absalom spirit wars against it. In other words, you need to be careful who you follow, as either of these two forces will lead you astray. The best way to counter them is to understand their natures and how to recognize them.

Absalom personality

A person with an Absalom name seems to care about other people and the world around him, which is an important trait for a leader. He tries to please everyone and is very helpful to other people, so he is usually the right person to consult when you have a problem. Absalom is often a flatterer, which makes him appear to have a lot of sympathy for others but actually he is just trying to make himself look attractive to others. He also tends to be very creative and impulsive.

Absalom's vengeful plot

During the Babylonian exile, David invited all of his sons to a sheep-shearing festival to show his support and welcome Judah back to the Promised Land. Absalom, on the other hand, invited all the sons of Judah to join him. He also ordered the soldiers to kill Amnon and the rest of the family. This is how Absalom's vengeful plot comes to fruition. Then Absalom and his father were separated for two years. When they finally reunited, David welcomed Absalom back to the land.

Absalom's deceit

King David placed Absalom under house arrest, but he still continued to be unrepentant and judge everything according to his own standards. His deceit was obvious to his own followers, and his sons began to fear him and hate him. But Absalom's deceit was even worse. He plotted the murder of his brother Amnon and was under house arrest by King David.

Jesus Christ's ancestor

Did you know that Jesus Christ's ancestor was Absalom? He was the third son of David. He was also the brother of Amnon, who was from a different mother. His story begins when David was banished and his sister Tamar gave birth to his son. Absalom is subversive and deceitful. In fact, the Bible says that the fathers of Jesus Christ are his descendants.

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