What Pushes Success?

What Determines Success?

Is that the majority of non-native American religious, cultural, and national-origin communities are doing higher than native Americans today. The writers have made a good case for their thesis, I agree. One of the reasons I believe so is that inside America, they have given the average earnings of different ethnic groups that today have much higher earnings than white Americans. The authors have pointed out, for instance, that Indian-Americans earn almost twice the national figure, while Lebanese, Iranians, and Chinese-Americans are also among the highest earners. Additionally, the authors have supported their claim that the Jewish account for one-third of America's current supreme court, about one-third of American Nobel Laureates, and more than two-thirds of lyricists winning the Tony award. The strength of the authors' argument is that the Jewish can achieve such level of success, despite accounting for only two percent of the America's Adult population. Besides, the authors, have proved that some Hispanic and black groups in the United States significantly outperform some white groups.

The authors have also provided a detailed explanation indicating that the most successful groups today in the United States share three traits in common that enhance their success, which include superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control. The authors have explained that, according to research, groups that instill such straits more frequently are always the most successful. Besides, the authors have provided a detailed and supported claim that America's most successful groups are outsiders, who dedicate their time to study hard. However, despite such arguments regarding the white Americans' decline in performance, the authors have shown that they still have an excellent opportunity to thrive and shine again today. Therefore, in my view, the authors have made a strong argument for their thesis.

Works Cited

Chua, Amy and, and Jed Rubenfeld. "What Drives Success?" The New York Times (2014): n. pag. Web. 23 Sept. 2017.

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