There is a heated debate in the public area of whether people should be or have to not be vegetarians? The article “Why I Stopped Being a Vegetarian” by Laura Fraser makes clear arguments regarding this question. The article focuses on the flaws that vegetarians create for themselves. Laura arguments are primarily based on her personal experience as a vegetarian, and she manages to convince her target market about what she talks about. A better example: People are not likely to pay interest to a person who makes an argument about taking part in a marathon or his/her thoughts about coaching for one if he/she has never participated in a marathon. However, if people listen to a person who has trained and taken part in a marathon, they are likely to believe in what he/she says. Due to her Vegetarian past, Laura arguments are more credible in the discussion about vegetarianism, however, at the end of her case, she fails to answer the question on whether people should be vegetarians or not.

In the article, Fraser begins by stating that she had to be a vegetarian for 15 years (p.937). This shows that she has all it takes to make an argument on the subject of being a vegetarian. Making an immediate start about here past is a good move else she stood a higher chance of losing her audience before they can even complete the first paragraph. In her argument, Fraser introduces pathos when she chooses to share with her readers the reasons why she opted to be a vegetarian in the first place. The pathos gives the readers an Opportunity to make analysis and draw a mental picture about the whole idea of being a vegetarian. Using pathos provides the article with a more significant impact as compared to the concept of not eating meat because it is unfair to the animals.

Laura manages to hold the readers' attention by sliding in humor within the story as well as vital information altogether. She makes a comparison of being a vegetarian to being a lesbian and the love of meat like having an attraction to men, and this is tied to the fact that a high percentage of men are meat-loving carnivores while a good number of lesbians are vegetarians. This style of writing gives the reader a new view of the society through food lifestyles that one creates for themselves. Through comical statements, Laura lightens the mood and keeps the reader focused and ready for the next giggle.

The use of Logos dominates this article. Fraser continually argues about the merits of being a Vegetarian. She explains that vegetarians tend to live a longer life and have low levels of cholesterol compared to the meat eater, however she notes that vegetarianism did not have the effect of her level of cholesterol. These are reliable facts that make the reader think that being a Vegetarian has a lot of benefits and it is a good thing. Ethos plays a significant role in this article but is not the primary method of persuasion utilized. Ethos is used to show the fact that opting to be a Vegetarian is a personal decision based on the inner emotions, not necessarily points.

Fraser effectively makes use of ethos, pathos as well as logos to draw out her point. However the overall theme of the article” that people should stop being Vegetarians "is not portrayed. Laura was funny when crossing from some of her main points. The only problem is that she focuses too much on the merits of being a vegetarian more; which would be okay if only she would have made a supportive conclusion those arguments in such a way that the readers would not be able to argue against her statement. But she did not; she left them open. Indeed, the only sound reason why Fraser had to stop being a Vegetarian was that she was never committed to being a real Vegetarian, to begin with. She is always coming up with different exceptions. Not because was terrible for her, or she doesn't believe in it anymore, but it was influenced by her love for meat and which she proudly justified eating it. This is not a convincing argument.

I think becoming a more vegetarian and using moderation in all food groups is the safest and healthiest way to treat your body. Nutritionists always say listen to your body, and it will tell you to want it needs. Being well balanced and healthy is what an individual needs most. I agree with Laura Frasier and why she became a vegetarian to be more robust, and I believe it was a good idea she stopped and made her diet full of moderation in all things. While being a vegetarian Frasier experienced deficient levels of cholesterol, so low that if she had heart disease, her body might be able to start fighting it off. Taking care of one's health is essential to living a long and healthy life.

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