Val IT management platform

Val IT: Building a Profitable Business

Val IT is a management platform that can help you build a profitable business. It entails outlining management practices that will aid the board and executive in supervision. It aids in the delivery of IT services to customers. It also aids stakeholders in monitoring IT portfolios in order to achieve affectivity. Val IT collaborates with COBIT, which focuses on plan implementation. It tracks to determine whether the appropriate thing is doable. TIBO is experiencing a number of issues with its IT procedures and seeks a solution. Customer information is available. The purpose of this study is to assess TIBO's problems and make recommendations. In consideration of security, all internal and external users should be temporary. It must also be uniquely identifiable. There must be authentication to assist in user specify and avoid the bridge. User access to information should be identifiable with the business news. There should be suspension and issuing of user accounts for management to be possible. Security should also be resistant to tampering. Cryptographic keys should be stored to ensure there is no modification (O` Donnell 24). There should be a detection of malicious software to ensure they are preventable. Security should be tested to know its effectiveness. There should be surveillance and monitoring to ensure it is working. These security measures and policies put in place to ensure data is not bridged.

IT Strategic Plan for Successful Business Alignment

Therefore, IT strategic plan should be outlined to ensure all IT resources and directly in line. They must be cognizant that there are necessary and discrete investments that are distinct and require a certain amount of funds. The recent plan develops the key stakeholders in their knowledge of IT opportunities. They are also aware of the limitation they encounter and examine the current achievements. It also identifies the potential of human resources obligation. It also relays down the required type of investment to be put in place. All the laid down plans must apply the outline procedures. They must present in Portfolios and implement by IT tactical planners (O`Donnell 13). The laid down program must be accepted by all the stakeholders and be positive about IT and business. When the laid down procedures work together with the business needs, then success is attained. The security should be hard to crack it should be secure and regularly monitored.

Business Portfolio and IT Investments

The business Portfolio of all IT worthy investment entails all plans that contain all business cases. IT procedures should give easy deliverance of IT services and cautions of contrary results. These include the timeline functions and costs expected from the program to be implementable. All the services should be implementable in regards to SLA`s. The transparent way of achieving profit and regulating price should be in consideration. There should be a fair assessment of business including risks and expected gains. The primary principle of IT is one-time that is in the budget aim of value achieves the targeted objectives (O` Donnell 13). That is similar to competitive merit that is order delivery time. The customer waiting duration, profits, and labor outcomes of employees. These elements are difficult to measure, and stakeholders should be keen on that. There is fear to start IT investment because of concern that failure may accompany them. For good returns on business, investment cost must be evaluated and its performances. When the IT investments are scheduled, then there are massive gains from the process. That will ensure that all the set goals are achievable due to efficient alignment. To ensure this is efficient IT business should use a language that is common which when translated it gives facts.

Aligning IT Strategies with Business Goals

There should be bi-directional procedures and education entailing planning to ensure success in business. Mediation between industry and IT to provide that mutual benefit is accepted. Alignment of IT must be simultaneous with strategies to ensure it supports the enterprise. That is all about whether the business alignment is beneficial to the operation of the business. All IT strategies should meet the business goals to ensure that it meets the needs of the company (O` Donnell 13). When IT plans are formulated, they should ensure that it meets competition and future technology. That includes the benefits and the risks it poses to the industry. The board should ensure that all plans are under review in regards to changes in technology. The management should ensure that IT organization could deliver currently and in future. There was no awareness of customer's complaint due to the failure of alignment of IT process.

Tactical IT Plan for Effective Project Management

Evaluation of the current problems on delivery service to ensure customer satisfaction. It is vital to establish a basis where future obligation will be comparable. The functionality of IT plans to business stability, cost, and weakness. Make a plan that lays a foundation in the cooperation logical to stakeholders. It should have in place how it will support IT investment, its offers, and property. It should show how the objectives will be achievable and measure to be approved by the concerned party. The strategy should cover the cost resources for funding and how to acquire the approach. It should be clear to ensure that a tactical IT plan is set up. Portfolios should be created to entail tactical plans obtained from IT strategy plan. The tactical plans should have IT initiatives, required resources. The importance of utilizing the resources to achieve business benefits (O` Donnell 17). Tactical methods should also be detailed to enable project plans. Active management of the business portfolio to achieve a particular business objective. That is attainable by evaluation, prioritization, initiation, and selection of programs. Giving the scope and attempts to be put to meet the business outcomes regarding services.

Project Management and Ensuring Success

A framework used to ensure that project is manageable. The scale to undergo change and the technique to take off in each project. The project management should entail responsibilities and obligations of the sponsor of the program. In addition, mechanisms that can assist in creating reports and stage reviews. You should also obtain the participation of the stakeholders affected. That is by implementing projects in regards to IT investment. The area to be covered by the plan. It is crucial to also include the scale of the project and correlation to other IT invested projects. The project phases should all be beneficial and approved by the stakeholders. If the previous stages are implementable, it gives room for the next steps to be taken. Creation of various project plans to ensure that implementation of the project is useful. It is vital to assign the competent groups to ensure they are accountable for the project. Risk should also be manageable through identification and prevention (O` Donnell 17). Threats that are faced should be noted and recorded. The plan should also be of quality and shows ways of its piloting. If the project changes, effective measures should also be of concern. Methods of assurance should be noted to approve that controls taken to meet the requirement. The project should be monitored and reported to ensure the target objective is attainable. If the plan has been approved to be effective, then it attains its closure. That is in a situation where project meets the needs of the stakeholders.

Importance of Strategies and Risk Management

It is an assertion that proper strategies are vital to business. That is achieved by alignment to ensure that all the services are divided for easy management. It is also crucial to provide security of data using cryptographic keys. It is significant to ensure these goals are achieved to achieve success. Risks should be predictable for management and awareness. It is essential to know the risks in business for the managing team to prepare and not to be caught unaware.

Work Cited

O'Donnell, E., W. Van Grembergen. "IT governance using COBIT and VAL IT: student book, presentation material, TIBO case study and caselets." (2007).

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