US Healthcare vs. Canada Healthcare

The following three reviews of literature seek to demonstrate the differences between Canada and the United States in terms of physician experience, patient privacy concerns, and family physicians' attitudes toward their respective healthcare systems.
Three basic questions were asked to direct the analysis in a research article by Hayes et al. (1993). The doctors were asked to rate their level of satisfaction based on their experience, pay, and the standard of medicine they were able to practice. 347 physicians from the United States graduated from Canadian medical schools, and 355 Canadian doctors graduated from US medical schools made up the study (Hayes et al. 11). The result in this study supported the hypothesis that most physicians would prefer working in the United States compared to Canada due to a high level of satisfaction with the healthcare system in the US.
According to a research conducted by Laric et al. (2009), two questions were addressed. The study wanted to know if the level of consumer’s interest in the privacy of info on healthcare can change due to the individual’s characteristics such as age (Laric et al. 102). A sample of 225 students from both a Canadian university and a US university was involved. Out of the 225 students, 45 were from Canadian University and 180 from US University. The result both Canada and US, the age difference was a significant factor in determining how healthcare privacy is perceived. The older individuals were more concerned with the privacy of their healthcare information than young individuals. The finding confirmed the hypothesis that older people are more experienced with healthcare and are aware of the associated risks compared to the youth.
In the research article by Scanlan et al. (1996), a cross-sectional study was conducted to investigate how family physicians in Canada and the US evaluate their healthcare systems. The study sought to know whether there too many controls on the medical profession that may interfere the physicians from taking care of the patients. Also, the study wanted to understand if the income of the physicians at primary care level were too low while that of sub-special level too high. The sample of the survey included 300 family physicians in the U.S and a separate 300 physicians in Canada who were contacted through email (Scanlan et al. 836). The result of the study indicated that both Canadian and U.S family physicians experience high levels of satisfaction in most of their aspects of work.
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