Urinalysis Paper

Urinalysis is a laboratory-based investigation and analysis of urine. It's a test used to uncover different diseases that have gone unnoticed because most don't have symptoms (Simerville et al. 2005). Chronic urinary infections, diabetes, and a variety of other conditions are among the illnesses.
Urine is screened and analyzed using a paper or plastic dipstick, a low-cost device that allows for qualitative and quantitative analysis in minutes through careful observation.
Urinalysis Causes Serious Concerns
Urine is used to screening for various diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease as part of an overall health check-up. Urine typically contains a level of protein that can be ignored. This level can shoot up due to excessive exercise, extreme heat or cold or stress due to physical and emotional disorder. These factors aren't of major issues but abnormal levels of proteins may be catastrophic, and this would cause kidney diseases like diabetes, leukemia, lupus or heart conditions (Simerville, et al. 2005).

Recommended Urinalysis Tests

In line with the urinary test, there is a chain of analysis that goes in hand and should be carried out during the procedure. They include.

PH which is an acid-base status in urine which ranges from 4.5 to 8.0, blood plasma is usually acidified by renal tubules and collecting ducts from 7.4 to 6.0 in the final urine. The change to the acid state 7.4 is accomplished in the distal convoluted tubule (Kasiske & Keane, 1996).

Glucose; this is the test for reducing sugars in the blood system, such as galactose and fructose

Specific gravity, which is the test of solutes present in the blood shown by particles of a varying size from smalls ions to larger proteins. Apart from the major three test, there as some minor test that are also important, such as ketone, nitrite, and leukocyte esterase among others.

When all these tests are completed, the patient, as a result, may end up having a positive result for an existence of urinalysis or not. If a person is found contacted with the disease, then he or should be subjected to ACE inhibitor, which is necessary for preventing the body from creating a hormone known as Angiotensin 2 by blocking a chemical called angiotensin from converting to an enzyme (Kasiske & Keane, 1996). ACE has a variety of effects, that is apart from controlling blood pressure, It also reduces the amount of water being absorbed by the kidney.

How to Improve a Patient's Health

A person suffering from Urinalysis can be subjected different natural alternatives to improve his or her health; this includes being subjected to warm compresses or massage that may loosen up muscles and encourage urination (Kasiske & Keane, 1996). Also, continuous intake of fluids at an enormous amount maybe be of help to increase the level of kidney functioning.

Adverse Consequences of Urinalysis

If Urinalysis is not treated in time, it may result in certain body diseases such as kidney disfunction, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and increase in the blood pressure. This is mostly caused by an accumulation of albumin protein in the kidney.


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Kasiske, B. L., & Keane, W. F. (1996). Laboratory assessment of renal disease: clearance, urinalysis, and renal biopsy. The kidney, 6, 1129-64.

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