Unpleasant Lesson


Getting a job without doubt is a good thing that calls for a celebration in many quarters. It is conspicuous to anyone closer to you when you land on a job given the joy that it comes with. However, it is painful to lose one, especially at the interview stage. You sense heartbroken, and a myriad of queries pop up in your mind concerning where you went incorrect during the interview. Did I answer all the questions rightly? Is it that I did not gown well that cost me the job? Did the interviewee have a favorite candidate? All these questions are certain to arise. All in all, one has to establish what cost him or her the job and has to learn a lesson as a result.

Passion for Hospitality Services

Since I was a little girl, way before 18 years, I had fallen in love with hospitality services. I loved serving others. I also loved cooking and organizing events for the family, and I felt that was my hobby. This was not a secret as it was well known to all who came visiting and at school. To develop this interest and probably learn more, I had to get employment in one of the industries offering gracious hospitality services. Luckily enough, a friend brought me an advert for a job. Not as a chef or a waitress but as an Activities Assistant. It was by Hillbrook Inn and Spa located in Charles Town. I hurriedly looked at the advert and focused on the application method. Little did I know I was making a blunder that will create an injury to my heart.

The Interview Experience

Fortunately, I was called for an interview after a week of application. You could have seen the joy I had on the very day the news of my shortlisting reached me. I knew with my passion and enthusiasm in the hospitality sector and the servanthood in me, the job was already mine. False convictions it was. As is the norm with all attending interviews, dressing code matters a lot. I had to select the best official dress code I had, rehearsed on some questions that I foresaw coming up during the interview. I can say I was well prepared for the interview as all the nitty-gritty I knew of were sorted out. I arrived at the interview on time. When my time came, I entered the interview room and met a panel of five individuals, well groomed and friendly.

Mistakes Made

The interviewee began with simple questions of why I applied for the job and how I intend serving the organization and the impact that I would make there. What brought me down, including my morale, was a question touching on the job description as indicated in the advert. I was not in a position to explain what my job description was as published and neither could I identify even a single one. Another question that fell on my ears like a thud was to whom I was answerable to. I had no clue to it. This means, first, I had not read the job advert and internalized it and second, I had not done research about this organization which I hoped to work in. These mistakes, as a result, cost me a job at the interview level.

Pertinent Lessons

Pertinent lessons are learned from this experience. As stated hereinabove, understanding your job description as published is a primacy to passing an interview. Would I have understood this, I would have secured the job easily. Research on the interviewing institution, that is, Hill Brook Inn and Spa would have also made questions flowing. Issues such as who I would be answerable to would have been easily tackled. Understanding the employer before interview creates a good atmosphere for interaction, flowing questions and also builds a rapport that gives one a better chance of securing the job. These are lessons I learned but in a hard way. However, they have sharpened me and I am now more prepared than before.

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