United States Isolationism and Interventionist International Policies

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Between WWWI and WWWII, isolationism in the USA occurred, which was a consensus solution program that attracted support from political and social perspectives. In the Pacific and Atlantic Seas, the primary postulate could not be a total retreat, but an idea that the US could have maintained freedom from foreign policy until 1917. (Jonas, Manfred, n.p). Due to internal problems, the U.S. foreign affairs branch pulled out of the war in May 1939. In the 1940 elections, then-President Franklin Roosevelt made it known that men of the USA should not be sent to fight in foreign countries (Jonas, Manfred, n.p). It was not until WWWII when the country was faced with foreign interventions which made the country change its earlier decision. Due to extreme unrest in the world which the USA trade and movement of its citizens the USA entered into more interventionist foreign policies. The USA attack by other country was the main changer where the country entered into war to fight against its enemies. The attacks from different countries like Japan and various inhumane acts led to the full sponsoring of the American army into WWWII.

Just like other countries in the world the USA needs their support and engagements. According to Dr. Ron Paul, the USA needs the other nations which will create an important relationship between her and other countries. Dr. Paul thinks that trade and alliances with other countries should be a paramount thing to take to the USA (Paul, n.p). He has a belief that the USA should not be restricted in commerce and alliances with other countries. I have the thought that this should be the way the USA should be following. All the international alliances should be forged in support of the countries’ economy and interactions.

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